Read! Read! Read!


At Theo’s recent check-up (the Germans call it the U6), his paediatrician said we should read LOTS to him. Apparently babies pick up a lot of vocabulary in the second year of their lives hence reading aloud helps them learn new words.

We’ve been reading to Theo since he was born. I’m all up for reading for the following reasons:

1. A good habit to have.

2. A way to learn new vocabulary. 

3. Encourages children to be imaginative.

4. Allows parents to spend quality time with their children.

5. Teaches children about the world and other cultures.

Although we have a bookshelf for all of Theo’s storybooks, I’m a little doubtful of the shelf staying upright. This little guy is well capable of doing some serious damage to himself if he pulls books off the shelf. I thought it would be discouraging to keep shouting “No!!!” whenever he tries pulling a book off the shelf or even goes near it. Therefore, I’ve filled his nappy box with board books and placed it in his playpen.  

 He can pick whichever book he wants, flip the pages without me worrying if he’s going to tear anything, lick it and so on. 

About 3-4 times a day, we’ll go through the books together. Depending on his attention span, we read between 2-5 books at a go. I find that he’s able to concentrate best in the mornings and when there’s nothing else apart from the box of books in the playpen.

I’m glad that Theo shows interest in books so far. I’m doing something right here! :) 


25 Reasons to Celebrate My First Year of Motherhood

It was only when my landlord congratulated me on Theo’s birthday that I realised that we as parents were celebrating our first year of parenthood. A year of survival. 

In the past year, there have been countless of times that I thought I was going to die for various reasons. Of course I didn’t, or else I wouldn’t be blogging this! So, here are my reasons for celebrating my first year of motherhood:

1. I survived breastfeeding even though there was a point in my life when I felt like I was in hell and I hated it when it was time to nurse as my boobs were sore and swollen. 

2. I realised that heartaches don’t kill me. They only make me stronger for my boy.

3. I discovered the true meaning of unconditional love. 

4. I never had to clean poop in the bath tub. (Hopefully not going to jinx this!)

5. Despite my son’s obsession with putting everything and anything in his path into his mouth, we have never been to A&E to remove any foreign objects within him.

6. I can be sleep deprived and be a grumpy person but all it takes is a kiss from my boy to recharge my energy levels. I suppose I’m easily pleased.

7. I fall asleep breastfeeding him almost every night but have never dropped my baby.

8. My son has never peed on me.

9. I’ve only ever encountered a poop incident once on my hands (small incident).

10. I didn’t hit people who stared at my son when he wore his boots and bar. 

11. I sometimes let my son try food we eat outside without killing him.

12. I laughed when my top was soaked through with milk.

13. I never once replaced cow’s milk with breastmilk when making my husband a cup of tea although I’ve threatened to do so (much to his disgust!).

14. I managed to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes before my son turned one. 

15. I look after my son all day by myself when my husband’s at work and the boy is still kicking away. I seriously had doubts keeping a baby alive when he was a newborn.

16. Despite my poor judgement of European weather, my son didn’t freeze in cold weather.

17. After 10 weeks, I learned that babies have sensitive skin and are prone to harmless rashes caused by hormones. That helped reduce the number of trips I make to his paediatrician significantly.

18. I stopped relying on medication to treat my son’s common cold. I swear by chicken soup now and it feeds the whole family. 

19. I didn’t kill my husband when he said “Brilliant! Theo slept through the whole night!” because he didn’t hear our boy cry. 

20. My boy has never fallen off the bed or sofa. 

21. My son has eaten the menus at restaurants less than 5 times. This IS impressive given that he puts everything in his mouth. 

22. After 6 months, I no longer cry when I put on the boots and bar for my son. Not because it doesn’t hurt me anymore when we do it, but because my boy has always been brave and brilliant when it comes to his treatment.

23. I’m still alive even though I haven’t slept properly for more than a year. Well, approximately 19 months if you include the time BEFORE my son was born. 

24. I’ve accepted that my clothes will have snot, food or dirt on them.

25. My husband and I aren’t divorced even though we sometimes feel like killing each other.

Good job to Mama & Papa! 

Happy 1st Birthday 


Theodore turned 1 yesterday and he received one of the most beautiful cards from his Grandparents and Auntie Gemma.

He adores The Very Hungry Caterpillar to bits so this is the perfect card for him!

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My gorgeous nephew has just turned 1!

I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. He’s changed so much and I’m incredibly proud of him, especially as he’s been through such a lot for someone so young. I don’t get to see him as much as I’d like, as he lives in Germany, but I’m so grateful for video chats.

For his 1st birthday card, I decided on a Hungry Caterpillar theme as he loves the story. I saw a wonderful card on Pinterest, made by Connie Babbert at Such a perfect card for fans of the Hungry Caterpillar, so I had to have a go at recreating it for my nephew.

I found some fun green fruit paper which was perfect to use as the caterpillar body. The number 1 was created using a die from the Avery Elle Elle-Ments Dies-Count On It set.

Happy birthday little…

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Frankfurt’s Grüne Soße Festival


Grüne Soße (Green sauce) is a traditional local delicacy of Frankfurt. It is rumored that it was the favourite food of Goethe however there is no evidence to support this claim. A traditional way to serve Grüne Soße is with hard boiled eggs and pan-fried potatoes. 

The sauce which is made up of 7 herbs is usually served cold. These are the herbs that MUST be used – parsley, chives, cress, sorrel, chervil, borrage, and salad burne. This is a truly local dish as most of the herbs used are said to originate from Frankfurt’s neighborhood. One can only sell the sauce as Frankfurt Grüne Soße if more than 60% of the herbs are from Frankfurt. No kidding! 

The festival ends on 9th May 2015 at Frankfurt’s Roßmarkt. So, pop down there ASAP and enjoy this local cuisine!  


Our Clubfoot Journey: Growing feet

 No one could ever guess that Theo was born with bilateral clubfeet. Just look at my soon-to-be 1 year old standing up in his playpen confidently. The coffeeshop aunties in Singapore who saw his chubby feet said Theo’s destined to have a fulfilling life and be a big boss in the future (old wives’ tale)! 
As I was clearing the wardrobe this morning, I took out Theo’s first two pairs of treatment shoes. They were size 80 and 90. When I placed them next to his current pair, size 110, I felt emotions rised within me and soon, warm tears voluntarily rolled down my cheeks. This happened when Theo was happily cruising round his playpen.  

These shoes are a constant reminder of our clubfoot journey. Although they are part of Theo’s bedtime routine (thankfully without any resistance whatsoever!), looking at them this morning made my heart ache for my boy. He has been so brave throughout his treatment. Well, probably because he has been treated since day 3 of his life and doesn’t know any different. He’s a healthy and happy little boy. Yet when I looked at the shoes this morning, it was as though someone had reopened my wound and sprinkled salt on it. 

Thankfully, I have Daniel who’s always there to offer an alternative perspective. His first response was “Ohhhh!!!! What tiny feet he had! He’s grown so much!!! So cuuuuute!!!! So proud of you, Theodore!!!” 

Yes, my boy is growing well. Thank you, Papa Daniel, for reminding me. We’re almost done with a year of treatment. 3 more years to go. 


Flying with an 11 month old 

After surviving a 1.5 hour flight to London when Theo was slightly more than 5 months old, I plucked up courage and booked a family holiday back to Singapore. Theo was approximately 11 months old. Oh! And the flight was 12 hours long. 

Good news is, we survived the flights and are back to Frankfurt. This will be inspiring for parents who have yet to fly with their child, because if we can do it, anyone else can too. Flying with a child for the first time can be daunting as we don’t know how the kid will be like on the flight. Google will give you a million and one reasons to worry about flying with your child. However, I’m telling you it’s possible to fly with your child and it doesn’t need to be THAT stressful for you. 

1. Wear loose and comfortable clothings

This applies to both yourself and the baby. If I had absolutely no sense of shame, I would be in my PJs but I was hoping to be upgraded to Business Class (in my tights!). Fat hope, of course! 

Instead of putting Theo in his snuggler (something like a Gro bag), we found that layering him up was more appropriate. The poor boy was overheating on the plane in his snuggler. It resulted in super rosy cheeks. Cute, but definitely not comfortable for him.

Layers are great as you can put more on if it is too cold and just take them off if the baby is overheating. 

2. Pack a jar (or two) of baby food

As I wasn’t sure when lunch/ dinner would be served onboard, I brought my own jar of baby food. Singapore Airlines was happy to heat up the food for us too. Although we did pre-order a baby meal for Theo, the serving times didn’t quite match his usual meal times. Hence I was glad I had my own food to feed Theo and not disturb his sleep on the flight.

3. Pack extra nappies (and clothes)

Not just a couple of nappies. Pack like an extra 6 nappies!!! Of course this might depend on the length of your flight but I was relieved that we packed a lot of extras. Thankfully there wasn’t a big nappy incident, but we had to change him quite often as he was drinking a lot and did number two a couple of times too. 

4. Pack toys and books

For the sanity of other passengers, please refrain from packing electronic toys that sing whenever your baby presses a button. It might be interesting for your baby, but I imagine it to be annoying for others. We packed Sophie the giraffe, nesting cups, and some soft toys.

We were selective of the books to bring along as they can get quite heavy. In the end we had with us a touch and feel book, Theo’s favourite bedtime story, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. That meant that we had to repeat the stories but babies love repetition. 

5. Bring a baby carrier

For babies who can’t walk yet, a carrier would be useful to carry them on the flight. It makes walking up and down the aisle easier and some babies sleep better in carriers too. Babies this age love exploring, so be prepared to walk a lot. 

Being confined on a plane with Theo for 12 hours was pretty much just like being home all day with him. Fortunately for us, he didn’t suffer from ear aches during takeoff and landing. Yes, it was exhausting to travel with a baby but definitely doable. 

11 Months Old

I can’t believe that Theo’s 11 months old today. I know it’s cliché to ask “Where did the time go?”, but seriously, time flew by very quickly. 

As a stay-at-home-mum, I am fortunate to witness every smile, wave, babble and milestone Theo has achieved. Our baby is growing ever so quickly. There are times when I think he’s more like a toddler than baby. It seems like he already has a mind of his own and knows what he wants (although it’s usually what I DON’T want him to do!). 

In the past three weeks in Singapore, it feels as though he has learned so much. Waving hello and goodbye, understanding certain words, giving hi-5s, leaning in for kisses, being more affectionate by crawling up to people for hugs, tapping his head to say “Ai yah” (translates to “Oh no” in English), stacking cups with help, calling Ah Kong and Ah Ma in his own unique way and so much more! It’s amazing how a little human being born helpless and dependent can turn out to be so brilliant in 11 months! 

I’ve lost count of the number of times in the past 11 months when Theo has driven me up the wall. However, this boy is just so fun to be with. He’s ever so cheery (given that he’s had enough sleep, fed and changed). Everyday we discover more of his personality. I’m beginning to think that he’s probably a little insane – just like his parents.   

Happy 11 Months old, my little man. Mama and Papa are so proud of you for being who you are. We just want you to be healthy, happy and be filled with lots of love. 


Water Play at The Singapore Zoo

Last week, we brought Theo to the zoo for the first time. I’m not exactly sure if being splashed with water in the face by a sea lion was a good experience for a 10.5 months old baby. I’m sure he doesn’t remember it. 

It was our first week back in Singapore and we were all getting used to the humid weather. Theo was cranky and sticky all over from sweating a lot. We decided not to tire him out by showing him every animal. Instead, we brought him to the water play area in the zoo for a splash.


It was my first time at the water play area. I loved it! It was so so much fun! 


 He loved going through this water tunnel. My boy isn’t afraid of water splashing his face or going under water (let’s not jinx it!). 


He was also happy just splashing about. 


Ippudo in Singapore

Famous for its tonkotsu-based ramen, Ippudo originated in Hakata, Japan, in 1985 and has ever since been expanding world wide. I first tried it in Fukuoka in 2004 when I was an exchange student. I love the thickness of the flavoursome broth. 

On this trip back in Singapore, Ippudo was on my must-eat list. I was excited to know that it has a restaurant at Westgate and I don’t have to take the train all the way to town for it! 

I ordered mum and myself a bowl of Shiromaru Tamago Ramen and Dan had Shiromaru Chashu. At Ippudo, you can select the hardness of the noodles too. We chose medium which was just right for us.



Pak Kung Cafe & Bakery in Singapore


Singapore is ever changing. I do wonder if I can ever keep up with all the exciting changes at times since we only visit every 2 years. It’s not only the city center that’s changing; the suburbs, the heartlands are evolving too. I live in what my friends called the “rural” part of Singapore (in the West). However with these changes, I feel as if the city center is brought to me. 

This afternoon, we took the bus to Jurong Point, our heartland mall. It was first built in 1995 when I was 11. Over the years, the mall has been extended to what it is today. We went to “Hong Kong Street” in the mall for tea break. Neon signboards were hanging over our heads as we walked through the “street” with Cantonese songs played in the background. Restaurants and cafes served dim sum and Chinese cuisine. It did feel as though we’ve gone to Hong Kong! 

We went to Pak Kung Cafe and Bakery for a short break. I ordered Daniel HK Style French Toast (his first!) while mum and I had egg tarts and HK Style Tea Coffee.  

The toasts were dipped in egg, deep fried and then served with a slab of butter and golden syrup. It’s one of the most delicious variation of French toasts. 


Egg tarts are egg custard filled in pastry. These were so crumbly. Loved them!


Hmmm… I’m not quite sure what to make of HK Style Tea Coffee. It is apparently made up of 3 parts coffee and 7 parts HK milk tea. I thought it left a bitter after-taste which I didn’t quite fancy. 

It was a good experience though. I really liked the HK Style French Toasts – probably enough for me to make a trip back there one more time before we head back to FFM. 


Takeaway Burgers in Frankfurt

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However all opinions expressed are mine.

I’ve used – the yellow pages of restaurants and Imbisses in Frankfurt – on three separate occasions to determine the quality of the burgers and service. (I’ve blogged about here. Follow them on Facebook for updates and promotions here.)

1. Burger You

Location: Im Mainfeld 42, 60528 Frankfurt am Main

Rating: 4.667 Stars (as of 3rd April 2015)

Packaging: Clean and fresh appearance as the boxes were smartly coloured in white and green. The food arrived warm and nice.

Taste: The BBQ Bacon Burger was palatable and fresh.

We also tried the Crunchy Chicken Burger which was very juicy. 

The onion rings were crispy and, most importantly, delivered hot.

To be honest, I was skeptical about the quality of takeaway food as I was afraid that it might turn up soggy and lose its freshness. However, Burger You did a great job in ensuring that they didn’t compromise on the quality of the food.

Delivery: The delivery man was ever so friendly. He also made sure I was aware of the 10% discount printed on the boxes for future purchases. Delivery was pretty quick too even though I placed my order at 6:30pm on a Thursday. The food took 30 minutes to arrive.

2. Food Rockers

Location: Daimlerstr. 27, 60314 Frankfurt am Main 

Rating: 4.267 Stars (as of 3rd April 2015)

Packaging: The burgers, chicken wings and noodles came in foam boxes to keep them warm. Nothing spectacular about the packaging compared to Burger You, but that didn’t bother me as the food was warm when delivered.

Taste: Chicken wings are one of my favourite comfort foods. They aren’t difficult to cook but as Dan has been working late, I haven’t had the opportunity to cook chicken wings AND look after Theo. Therefore, I was glad to indulge in those finger-licking good wings. Craving satisfied! 

We also ordered the Delux Hawaii Burger, Bacon Burger and Chilli-Cheese Burger. 

The Hawaii burger was rather interesting as it had pineapples and ham in it. On hindsight, what did I expect? Some sort of exotic Hawaiian sauce?

The Bacon Burger was neither impressive nor mind-blowing. It was basically a beef burger with just one slice of bacon. I was expecting a little more bacon. 

The Chilli-Cheese Burger isn’t for the faint-hearted. It will literally set your lips on fire! There were tiny red chilli slices with seeds in it. I’m a BIG chilli eater but the spiciness of this burger was just too much for me to handle.  

We also gave the Stir-fried Duck Noodles a go. Dan was so happy that they used thicker yellow noodles, just like what Chinese takeaway shops in the UK would use for Chow Mein. The portion of duck was generous and it was rather savoury. I enjoyed this dish a lot.

Delivery: It took around 30 minutes for the food to arrive which was great. The delivery man was friendly enough and cautioned me that the food was hot and to be careful.

3. Casa Italia

Location: Ronneburgstr. 5, 60435 Frankfurt am Main

Rating: 4.333 Stars (as of 3rd April 2015)

Packaging: I have no idea why the burgers were first wrapped in foil and then placed in foam boxes. It was a bad idea. No doubt they were warm, but the hot air condensed into water droplets and made the burgers soggy. As you can see from the picture, they look flattened too. Definitely didn’t look appetising to me.

Taste: We ordered some BBQ ribs which were quite tough.

The baked potatoes with bacon and cheese actually turned out pretty decent.   

The fries were a disappointment, unfortunately. They were cold when they arrived and were soggy. They are what I call “cardboard chips”.  

Delivery: The restaurant is approximately 20 minutes car-ride away from my place, so it’s not exactly near. However I thought I would try it out to see the quality of food as the restaurant delivers to my neighbourhood. I’m rather disappointed with my experience with Casa Italia.

An average of 4.333 is a reasonably high rating. I reckon the long journey from shop to home jeopardised the food quality. It took 1hr 15mins from ordering my food online to getting it delivered to my home. That’s a pretty long time to wait.

Overall Experience 

I did enjoy using as it was really convenient and easy for me to place orders. I love its filter and search functions that allow me to choose a particular cuisine that I like. I’ve only tried 3 places out and I’m satisfied with 2 out of 3 of them.

Will I be using again?

Yes! It offers me so many options to choose from, all from the comfort of my living room. I don’t have to “just grab a burger and go”. It’s nice to be able to sit down at my dining table to enjoy delicious food with my family.

Don’t forget to follow on Facebook for regular updates and promotions! To check out other restaurants and Imbiss, go to – Your one-stop takeaway service

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed are my own. 

When we moved to Frankfurt, I wondered why so many places don’t offer home delivery services. Sometimes work gets in the way and we’re too exhausted to cook. Unlike in the UK where Chinese and Indian takeaways are a phone call away, I was under the impression that the Germans (1) love to cook or (2) simply eat out.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I was approached to write a review about! (Click on the image below to visit website) is a huge database of restaurants and Imbisses in Frankfurt that deliver food to your home. Here’s why I think is amazing:

1. One-stop shop for food

If you’re not too familiar with restaurants that deliver, is the best site to rely on. Firstly, it is a huge online booking system of all places that deliver food to your home. Enter your postcode on the site and it short-lists restaurants near you. There’s no need to ponder over what Google search terms to use to short-list takeaway restaurants.

Each listed restaurant has a rating and reviews for you to make an informed decision. The menus are available online and are very straightforward even for those who aren’t familiar with the German language.

2. Huge variety of cuisines

Don’t be fooled by the name. The restaurants listed on don’t just sell pizzas. You’ll be surprised to find Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Turkish and American cuisine too. You’ll easily be spoilt for choice!

3. Easy payment

Cash, PayPal, Visa, Masercard or Giropay – there are so many convenient and safe ways to pay for your order. You can set up an account so that you don’t always have to enter your delivery address. After each order, you will receive an email confirmation within 10 minutes.

4. Affordable and delicious

Yes! From the comfort of your own home. Whether you have a few friends going over to yours to watch football, or are hosting a ladies’ night, has such a huge variety of affordable food for your mini home party that it won’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for an online directory of food delivery services, is the place to visit.

Follow Facebook Page for regular updates and promotions.

How to Cope with Homesickness

Neither of us is German. If we stay on long enough and be good at German, we may become “semi-locals”. If we DO stay long enough, Theo might be the most German person in our household. Germany might just very well be home for him even though he has a British passport.

Well, for us adults who grew up in a different country, living away from home can be fun and exciting. It’s thrilling to be thrown in a different culture (if you appreciate different cultures and way of life). However, every expat will at some point get homesick regardless of how fulfilling, rewarding and exciting their expatriate lifestyle is. So here are some ways to cope with homesickness.

1. Get on social media

Facebook will be a good one to start. There are so many groups initiated by fellow expats who were lonely individuals. In Frankfurt, here are a few common ones –

  1. Frankfurt English Speakers
  2. in Frankfurt
  3. Singaporeans in Frankfurt
  4. Singaporeans in Germany

I can’t guarantee that your new friends will be fabulous, but it’s so important to put yourself out there to meet new people. These people were once new so they know exactly how being new and foreign in a country feels like.

2. Technology IS your friend

I was a little slow to accept the iPhone (or any smart phone) when I was living in the UK. That meant not being able to Whatsapp or FaceTime anyone. There was good old Skype but the call quality was often rubbish for me. Whatsapp just changed the way I communicate with family and friends back home. The best of course is FaceTime. I know it’s not the same as having the physical person in front of you, but being able to see faces is great. 

3. Stop comparing everything to home

Every so often we compare (and complain) about how stupid something is done in Frankfurt. How does that help apart from making you miss home even more?

I’m not saying we worship all practices and norms in Germany. However if we try NOT to see everything back home as superior to what’s in our host countries, we’re doing ourselves a big favour. Life will be easier. 

4. Give local culture a chance

Hence I started this blog! I wanted to make sure that I visit local markets, cities, fairs etc. I wanted to learn more about Germany. 

If you’re in Frankfurt and you want to know what the upcoming events are, follow Feste and Events in Frankfurt on Facebook.

5. Seek comfort in home food

Fortunately for me, Singaporean food and Malaysian food are similar. Therefore Frankfurt has a lot to offer in terms of food that reminds me of home. 

Usually at these restaurants, you’ll get to meet a fellow countryman and get to speak your local language to the waitresses. Every time I visit a Chinese restaurant, it feels like I’ve left Germamy temporarily. 

If your local cuisine is too exotic for your host country, you might want to learn to cook and invite some friends over for a small party. 

I think the best way to cope with homesickness is to put yourself out there and make friends. It will not be easy if you’re a little shy but don’t give up trying to network. There were people I just can’t seem to carry a conversation with (so we stopped wasting each other’s time); but I’ve found friends in Frankfurt to just be silly with and share a few good laughs. 

How did you cope with homesickness and loneliness when you moved abroad? 

Thai Lao Restaurant, Frankfurt

I’m super excited to share another hidden gem in Frankfurt – Thai Lao restaurant. A couple of friends recommended the place to me so we tried it out (finally!!!) after storytime. 

The interior deco may look unimpressive but any foodie should know that it’s the quality of the dishes that count. The lady boss (who’s from Hong Kong) was ever so friendly and pleasant. 

We ordered a good selection of mouth-watering dishes to share.

Thai Morning Glory


Fried fish with vegetables – A fish with its head still attached!!! It has been a long time since I last dig into something like this! I know this will sound disgusting to some people, but I helped myself to the head. YUMMY! 


Fried rice – This plate of rice didn’t have msg in it. It tasted just like homecooked fried rice. Usually I’ll be super thirsty after eating fried rice elsewhere (even if they’re super tasty), but not this time. 


As we were out with 3 tired kids (yup, we were really pushing our luck this evening), we had to be quick. I wasn’t going to be evil and stop a kid from having his noodles just so I could blog about it. We actually had a wider spread than what’s actually shown here.

Thai Lao does dim sum too and I heard that the chef makes them. I’ll be up for trying it out soon and I’ll let you know if it’s any good. 

Cappuccino and Pear Cake

It was bitterly cold on Friday compared to Wednesday’s summer-like afternoon. I felt the wind in my bones and wished I could hide under my snug duvet forever. But of course, Theo had other plans. 

To help me feel like the weekend wasn’t too far off, I met up with a couple of friends at the park with our babies. Meeting friends during the week has helped me maintain my sanity.

After my calorie-burning session at the park (because pushing Theo on the swing requires gazillion effort!), I went to Schiffer Cafe for a slice of cake. 


It was exactly what I needed after a tiring week! Don’t be put off by the cream because it was light, and not too sweet. It’s not very often that I find pears in cakes (apples are more commonly used?). And this was with cappuccino. I thought it was rather unique. The cake turned out really delicious. 

Sushimoto – Chirashi Don, Frankfurt


It has been a year since I went to Sushimoto in Frankfurt.  I was pregnant with Theo so I stayed away from sashimi and ordered the Yakiniku set instead. I remember being envious of those around me who were digging into their sashimi sets and Chirashi Don. 

A year on, a friend suggested meeting up for lunch at Sushimoto and recommended their Chirashi Don. I did have second thoughts about ordering it as it was €20, but decided to satisfy my craving. It’s not everyday that I get to eat a proper lunch and I figured that I need whatever Omega-3 I can get from the sashimi! 

I was the happiest person in the restaurant I bet. What have I been missing out? Great, fresh sashimi in Frankfurt! It’s a shame that it’s NOT what I can have regularly since it comes with a rather extravagant price tag. 

Storytime in Frankfurt

Looking for something to do on Saturday afternoon for the kids? Come join Amy of The London Assembly and myself for an afternoon of storytelling and play! 

Venue: The London Assembly

               Kirchnerstrasse 6-8, Frankfurt

Here’s how to book yourself a place:

1. RSVP here OR

2. Sign up for the event via Facebook here

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Schnitzel Please, Frankfurt

Without fail, we’re woken up between 6.30 and 7am everyday. It’s as though I’ve set Theo to go off just like an alarm clock. He’s a pretty reliable one. 

Our Saturday mornings are spent at music class. It’s a class for babies and young children to sing songs, play instruments and dance around. Very fun but I’ll blog about it another time for parents in Frankfurt looking for music activities to attend with their children. So anyway, we were famished from the dancing and singing. Dan couldn’t wait to get home for lunch and I really couldn’t be bothered to cook after throwing my son in the air during class time and bouncing him on my legs. So we headed to Textor Cafe for lunch.

After the calorie-burning workout at music class, we needed a substantial lunch. We weren’t let down.

American Style Schnitzel – comes with bacon and onions.

Schwarzwald Schnitzel with Mushroom Sauce

You know what?  Blogging about this is making me very hungry. The portion size is quite generous by my standards but it’s considered NORMAL in Germany. I’ve not been to a restaurant in Germany that serves a pathetic portion of Schnitzel. 

The pan-fried potatoes were perfect – crisp on the outside, creamy within. They weren’t too salty or oily either. The Schnitzels were amazing! 

I prefer the mushroom sauce at Textor Cafe to the one at Paulaner am Dom. The fact that it was lighter and not as salty won my vote. 

It wasn’t all meat for us. The meal came with a plate of mixed salad which was a meal by itself. 

Service was excellent too! I was feeding Theo some mashed banana I brought from home and bread. The chef came out with some sliced melon and grapes for Theo as snacks. Free! When a lady at the opposite dropped her cutlery, the chef immediately brought her clean cutlery before she even asked for it. How attentive is he, right? 

Here’s the challenge – how do I stop Dan from wanting to have a Schnitzel every Saturday afternoon?! 

Iimori Restaurant, Frankfurt

Iimori is popular for its French-Japanese fusion cafe in Frankfurt. Its cakes are delicate, beautiful and scrumptious. The atmosphere is top notch given its stylish furniture. You can read more about the cafe here

On Friday, I craved for some interaction with an adult so I met up with a friend at Iimori Restaurant for lunch. Fortunately we arrived before 12 as the place got packed rather quickly at lunch time. 

Iimori has a good selection of lunch-time bentos which range between €15 to €29. The Special Lunch sets include miso soup, green tea, salad, dessert and coffee. 

I ordered Katsu (Pork) Don for myself.

Here’s the great thing – the waitress offered to upgrade it to a set lunch that included miso soup, green tea, salad and dessert for an additional €5,50. Therefore the entire meal costs €16,50.

The Katsu Don actually tasted quite good. I wasn’t too sure about Iimori Restaurant initially as I was rather disappointed with their buffet a couple of years ago. I’m glad the ala carte dish turned out delicious.

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