Mood Boards

When we rented our flat in Oxford, we were very restricted as to what we can do to it in terms of decorating it. We were not allowed to drill the walls and definitely not to paint them. Well, that’s fair enough since we don’t own it and the landlord probably doesn’t want different tenants drilling various holes on his walls. This pretty much explains why we never got to hang up the present I got for Daniel on our first wedding anniversary. Till this day I bitch about the £150 frame being wrapped up and left on the top of the wardrobe. What a shame.

We both dream about decorating our own place. Be it a home we potentially buy in the future or a rented property, we’re dying to make our next place (in Frankfurt by the way) an actual HOME. A couple of days ago I came across this very lovely blog – It is definitely worth a read especially for young couples like us. We’ll probably never be able to do EVERYTHING John and Sherry do (very into DIY), but I’m really impressed by this amazing couple.

My favourite section so far is the Mood Boards Gallery they provide. It gives me a rough idea of how colours work together in a room. I’ve picked my favourite 3 mood boards (see pictures) based on Daniel’s favourite colour – green. This is brilliant because that outragously expensive frame is also GREEN! Choosing green as the main colour enables us to create a tropical feel to our home. If we can’t experience real tropical in Singapore as much as we would like, it might be worth recreating the atmostphere in our very own home!

Not exactly sure what we can or can’t do to our apartment in Frankfurt yet, but hopefully it will be more than a shelter over our heads.




3 thoughts on “Mood Boards

  1. Yeah, I like that too. But it’s kinda tough to find similar products in Ikea! I’m keen on the dark brown and cream look. Actually, I’m creating my own Mood Board using the Pic Collage app now. Not as pro as photoshop but gives us as idea of what colour scheme we want. Plus I can easily take shots of ikea products and put them all together.

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