Our Move to Frankfurt

On the 7th May 2012, we moved to Frankfurt as Daniel’s back working for Nintendo.

The move wasn’t stress free of course since we had to pack our entire lives into boxes whilst working full-time in Oxford. We couldn’t decide whether to put ourselves up in a hotel for 2 weeks or find temporary accommodation. On hindsight, I’m glad we gave up with the ridiculous hotel idea. It’s so much better having an apartment where I can cook meals for us without having to spend huge amounts at restaurants (plus tips!).

We started apartment hunting the day after we arrived. Somehow, I managed to book 5 viewings in a day which kind of killed me for the week. I was absolutely knackered. We didn’t want to spend a huge amount on rent and didn’t think that it was necessary to get a huge place. Afterall we could already get something twice the size of what we had in Oxford for a lot less. However first 5 apartments weren’t great so we thought we might as well increase our budget a little to find somewhere that feels more like a home for us.

Last friday we viewed 3 apartments. Daniel did like the first one but I wasn’t keen on living next to an office. I didn’t fancy the neighbourhood either because of the graffiti (how PAP I am!). The second was great and we didn’t have to pay a commission. The catch was we had to build our own kitchen – something we’ve never done and didn’t really want to do. The last apartment we viewed was just plain AWESOME. I fell in love with it. Daniel really liked it too but he was a little hesitant about the quietness of the area. I just loved it. No trams/ buses running in front of the house, surrounded by the forest (with walking trails) and the apartment was in EXCELLENT condition.

We went back to visit the area the next day and rang the agent immediately to put in our offer only to find out that the couple before us was slightly faster. Geez, our hearts sank – basically hit rock bottom. I was in tears because the apartment had everything I wanted and I absolutely loved it. Daniel was very upset too.

So, that is our greatest disappointment in Frankfurt thus far. Whatever we’ve viewed isn’t matching what we’ve lost but still, we need somewhere to live permanently.

I’m quite an extremist. If we don’t get live in a peaceful, quiet area the next area I’m looking out for would be somewhere cool and happening. Doubt I’ll settle for in-betweens.

We’re only renting and we’re already so fussy about apartments. I can’t imagine if we were to buy a house in the future. I think we would take YEARS to find one we both love. For now, we’re both obessed with new apartments being listed online and bugging agents even at night. Surely we’ll soon create a reputation for ourselves.

Other than apartment hunting I’ve not got the chance to enjoy Frankfurt yet! I promise I’ll upload some cool pictures of the city once the apartment hunting comes to a fruitful end! But in the meantime, here’s a picture of the Frankfurt am Main Station.



4 thoughts on “Our Move to Frankfurt

  1. jenkakio

    Frankfurt! Wow, moving to Frankfurt must’ve been filled with mixed emotions. I miss Frankfurt. It was so much fun being there. I already miss the bratwurst.

  2. Ritz

    its really bad to loose something that we like in a second right. I’ve been moving almost every year in Dubai so one thing I’ve learn, if you found a house that you like, remember that he had chosen you and not you choosing him, so grab it right away. Dont think that something better will come. Coz once you feel very nice about a house..thats is priceless. But then again there are a lot of fishes in the sea!

  3. Hey!! Didn’t know that ure blogging too!
    Yess … finding an apt to rent needs time, just like what I did before in SG 😀
    Good luck with ur new life in Frankfurt … Send my regards to Dan …

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