kpOchs @ My Zeil

One of my greatest fear living in Frankfurt is not being able to find a suitable hair stylist. I remember my German friend telling me years ago that hair stylists in Germany are crap. I’m notoriously known for sulking and crying on the spot if the haircut was a disaster. I reckon that would be quite embarrassing so it was probably a better choice to look around first.

Speaking zero German, I was nervous about going to a hair salon in Frankfurt. There weren’t many positive comments on on English speaking hair stylists. Since My Zeil looks quite trendy, I thought there must be a hair salon in there. Actually, there are 2 – kpOchs and Meyer and Marks. And they both have English speaking stylists. I had a quick look at both places at the same time one evening and found that Meyer and Marks had not a single customer in there. On the contrary, kpOchs was pretty packed. Hence, I decided to entrust my hair (and vanity) to kpOchs.

I had an appointment with Irena and she was absolutely lovely. Very German too – she told me not to have a fringe because I’ve got a huge face and having a fringe only makes it look bigger. And I think it is this very aspect of German culture which I like – being straight forward and honest about one’s opinions. A lady’s haircut (wash, style + blow dry) starts from €54 (price starts from €32 for Meyer and Marks). I must admit that the price tag is pretty heavy and I reckon part of it is due to the fact that the salon is indeed very posh. Customers get free wifi (whatever for when you can’t really move your heads, hands and shoulders much during a haircut), a TV screen for you to watch silent programmes when you’re having your hair washed and a cup of coffee/tea. They also have ipads at every seat with a slide show of various trendy hairstyles.

Anyway, Irena spoke sufficient English and was very friendly. To help her understand my needs better, I brought in pictures of bob hairstyles I fancied. Front, side and back views all included just to make sure she absolutely understood what I wanted. I highly recommend anyone who doesn’t speak German to do so. Speaking slower and louder in English doesn’t necessarily help people understand you better. Irene explained to me how she would cut my hair just to confirm that she understood what I wanted.

As my hair was half way down my back, I ended up paying €70 for the haircut. It is the most expensive haircut I’ve ever had but I was really pleased with the result. Goodbye to knots and hair flying all over my face! I love the dramatic bob A-line and how easy it is to just simply blow dry it after adding a little mousse (or schaumfestiger) for more volume.

I might try Meyer and Marks when I need a little shaping up since they are a lot cheaper. It looks like my bob is here to stay for a while! Let me know if you know of any other great salons in Frankfurt!


5 thoughts on “kpOchs @ My Zeil

  1. KAG

    Art Hair in Große Bockenheimerstr is really good. I normally pay about €50. I go to Petra and she always cuts it really well.
    One salon I would avoid is GoodHair in Voltastraße. I took my son there last week and his hair is an absolute mess. I should have realised really that there might be problems as when I arrived there was an unhappy customer wanting her haircut fixed (she had been there the day before)
    My son is 3 and normally it isn’t a problem when he has his haircut but this is just awful
    I will avoid this place in future.

  2. I go with that company but a different shop – one a little near to where we had dinner the other night! I’ve had varied results, but mainly due to pushy hairdressers who don’t listen to me and do what they think is best. For example, this time she said I shouldn’t have the ends dyed, that when it fades out to the end, it’s better. Despite me saying that’s not what I wanted, she still did that.
    You should remember the names of hairdressers you like so you can book them again!

    1. I hate push hairdressers! The one I had in Oxford was super pushy and she ended up giving me a horrible fringe! Now I’ve got that look in my passport for the next 5 years. She also had a go at me for asking Daniel for an opinion! But yes, definitely remember the names of hairdressers you like!

  3. Florence Fauls

    Could we see a photo of your bob please!!! I understand completely your frustrations in finding the right hair salon. We’ve been on the road for 5 years traveling all over the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. I have a lot of haircut experience to write a book! Like yourself, I too cry over a bad haircut and often lose sleep over them. I know hair will eventually grow out but still it takes a while! The best tip is getting a local’s recommendation. Of course that is not easy especially if you’re new in town. I’ve also gone with reputable hair salon like Toni and Guys and let me say, they too have screwed up my hair and I’m not talking about a junior stylist! Go with your gut and hope for the best.

    1. Hwee, the pic is there! I used to go to Toni and Guys in Singapore when I was back at school but the stylist left. There’s one in Bukit Timah which is very good. She turned out to be my friend’s cousin actually. I went to Shunji Matsuo in Orchard but I think they tend to just want to get your haircut over and done with because they’re always so busy.

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