A vist to Frankfurt Dom

Clear blue skies with a high of 25°C, I would be mental to stay home! So I visited the Frankfurt Dom in town.

The Frankfurt Dom is a Gothic church located in the center of town. It’s about 5 mins walk from Hauptwache. Alternatively, you can take the U-Bahn to Dom/Römer. Unfortunately, I was unable to have a closer look in the church as a service was going on. I think I’ll try my luck again on a Saturday when Daniel’s not working to visit the Dom again.

I did however get to visit the church museum. Here are some pictures of what’s in it.

It’s a tiny museum, and if you don’t read German (like me!) you might be done in 15 mins or less.

And since the weather’s been great (plus my lack of exercise of late!), I walked back home from town in the heat. I really should drink more water because I felt absolutely dehydrated. But it was lovely walking along the river (I love living near seas or rivers). Here are some shots of the river bank.

If the weather stays good this week, I might treat myself to an ice-cream at some point!


6 thoughts on “A vist to Frankfurt Dom

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    1. craftymemories

      Yes! I wanted a more specific blog about life abroad blog to network and make friends. Glad you like this new look, I hope it gets better as we go along!

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