Back to Step 1 of Apartment Hunting

We’re officially caught in a battle between 2 agents. One works for the current tenant and the other works for the landlord. And is it surprising to know that the current tenants or prospective tenants (like us) are at the losing end? No.

We saw an ad put up by Agent A (who works for the tenant) and decided to put in our offer for the flat. Agent A then has to do all the paper work and liaise directly with Agent B (who works for the landlord) and that explains why we’ll need to pay A a commission when we sign the contract. Agent B obviously isn’t too happy about this because they have also put up another ad for the same apartment (which I found out later). And neither is Agent A happy about Agent B having their own ads.

To cut the long story short, we’re back to Step 1 of Apartment Hunting again. We learnt that first come first serve doesn’t apply here. The landlords get to choose who they want to live in their apartments (fair enough). What’s peculiar is that earning X amount a month with Y amount in the bank isn’t sufficient for us to get the apartment we wanted.

Oh well, better luck next time! I knew there would be a reason why we pulled silly faces whilst waiting for the train last night – bored of apartment hunting already.





3 thoughts on “Back to Step 1 of Apartment Hunting

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    1. Hehe! I love these sort of stuff. I used the ipad and it’s an app called Pic Collage. Got quite a few other apps that give the purikura effect too! They’re really fun. This is how I satisfy my ‘craving’ for purikura shots. Sad right?

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