Sofa shopping at Ikea

Scorchio!!!! It’s definitely summer in Frankfurt and I hope you’re enjoying the sun too (if you live in the northern hemisphere!).

As mentioned in my last post (you can read more about it here), we finally have a place of our own in Frankfurt! No more weekends spent making appointments with landlords or agents! Yeah!

Since the apartment is unfurnished (apart from white goods in the kitchen and a wardrobe in the bedroom), we’ll have to get our own furniture. Let’s just say we’re both SUPER excited about this. Yes, it means spending more money but hey, we get to choose what we like! And so, off to Ikea we went on Saturday.

Ikea’s pretty up north and it took us an hour or so to get there since we currently live in Sachsenhausen South. I spent days looking online at stuff I’m interested in checking out at Ikea and created mood boards on my iPad. This sounds really amateurish, doesn’t it? I wish I had Photoshop to play around with. Perhaps I might consider getting the programme at some point if I want to do some serious editing. But in the meantime, I’ll happy with whatever editing I can do on my iPad.

We loved looking at the various showrooms in Ikea. It gave us an idea of what we want. Although we had a budget in mind, it was totally busted when we saw this sofa.

Super comfy and we can’t wait to get it delivered!

We wanted a L-shape sofa because it helps divide the living room from the dining area. Plus we wanted a super comfy one so we can just chill out in the evenings and weekends. Even though it’s not a sofa bed it’s wide enough for one to sleep on. I initially wanted a beige one but thought it might get dirty easily and so we decided on this dark grey one. It comes with a 10 year guarantee which means if the sofa is ruined or needs any maintenance, we can always go back to Ikea. It’s quite a big purchase so we thought it would be handy to have one with a guarantee (and I’m known for ruining things before their ‘shelf life’ is up!).Now I’m on a hunt for brightly coloured cushions to brighten up the sofa!

Unfortunately we couldn’t place our order immediately since we only want it delivered to our new place on 16th June 2012. The lady at Ikea (who spoke fluent English) recommended us to go back a week before to place our order. If you want Ikea to keep hold of your purchases for some time, you will have to pay for storage. Silly me forgot to check out the rates – sorry!

If you’re interested in getting your purchases delivered, they have a ‘the more you buy, the more you pay’ policy. I personally thought this was slightly weird. I would expect to pay less (or even a free delivery) if I’ve spent a significant amount at Ikea. Here are the delivery rates (as of 27 May 2012):

  1. Up to 150 Euros you pay 39 Euros for delivery
  2. Up to 350 Euros you pay 49 Euros for delivery
  3. Up to 500 Euros you pay 69 Euros for delivery
  4. Up to 1000 Euros you pay 109 Euros for delivery
  5. Up to 1500 Euros you pay 119 Euros for delivery
  6. Above 1500 Euros you pay 139 Euros for delivery

Most Ikea products are fairly easy to put together but I would recommend you to do it only if you have another person to help. Daniel recommends counting all the screws and whatever bolts you’ll need before starting. We would then split them up into tiny bowls so they’re not mixed together – trust me, makes your life hell a lot easier to put things together when you’re organised!

However, you won’t need to assemble the sofa yourself. It’s part of the delivery service so a couple of guys actually put them together for you when you get it delivered. Phew, I’m so glad to have this service. But if you’re not very good at putting things together or simply have some spare cash, it’s possible to arrange for an assembly service. It would cost you 79 Euros plus 10% of the however much the item costs. I did that once in Singapore for my wardrobe and the guys were quick!

Personally I would recommend making a trip down to Ikea to check out the prices. I saw a lovely carpet in store for 99 Euros and the very same carpet is going for 299 Euros online! If you’ve got some spare time, why not pop down to Ikea to have a look and grab yourself some Swedish meatballs there. I also recommend signing up for Ikea Family which means you pay less on certain products. A huge selling point is that it’s FREE TO SIGN UP! If you don’t understand German, you could get a sales person in the store to help you too.

Although we spent an entire day at Ikea, we’ve only decided on the sofa. It was a hot and tiring day afterall. We’ll definitely be heading there again within the next couple of weeks to place our order and to decide on what else to get for our new home.








8 thoughts on “Sofa shopping at Ikea

  1. Rachel Dong

    Delivery rates are quite different from here, ours depend on how big your purchases i/o how much you buy. And assembly fee only costs 40RMB+8-10% of item cost.

    1. Xiao Dong! That’s so yasui! But then again a lot of things are so cheap in China. A bus ride in Beijing for 1 RMB and train rides for 2 RMB! And they are modern trains like the ones in Singapore. Petrol is a lot cheaper in China too since you guys do have your own resources. It was like 7.50RMB when we were there in March but I think that must be quite expensive for the Chinese already because the tour driver was complaining about it. Awww…I miss travelling in China! It’s so pretty!

      1. Rachel Dong

        Do you know that 7.50RMB is still heavy to Chinese? Foreigners cannot understand, anyway. You’ve only been to Beijing, right? Next time, go to Shanghai lo, so long as you don’t mind long-distance flight.

    1. You’re welcome to pop round when it’s delivered to sit on it with a glass of homemade lemonade! I promise you we won’t make you watch anime or films you don’t like! Hehe

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