A peep into our landlord’s garden

After dragging myself out of bed to the Immigration Office this morning, I realised it’s Tuesday and not Monday. Oh well, you might ask ‘what’s the big deal?’. Ok, the office is closed on Tuesdays. I knew that for a fact but I just didn’t realise it’s Tuesday today.

Did sulk and whine a little since I’ve wasted half a day. However when I got home I realised that I’ve been overwhelmed with errands and haven’t had a chance to enjoy the common garden! Summer’s here in Frankfurt and everyday I blog to the beautiful sound of birds chirping away. The sun shines through our windows, brightening the otherwise ‘too blue for my liking’ room.

We won’t have a garden at our new place but I am looking forward to decorating our balcony to make it more colourful. As the apartment isn’t located on near the main road I believe it would be fairly relaxing to sit out there during the summer. I would love to get pots of flowers to brighten up the balcony and I thought I might steal some ideas from my landlord’s garden!






I probably would get smaller pots of plants to hang on the balcony since it’s a lot smaller than the garden. I also want to get some orchids for the apartment. The ones I had in Oxford lasted me like forever and I would have brought it over to Frankfurt with me if I could. Hopefully my next orchids will be a success too!


2 thoughts on “A peep into our landlord’s garden

    1. That’s a brilliant idea! Daniel thought of getting a big green indoor plant just so we have a tropical feel indoors even if it’s winter. But we’ll have to see if there is enough space first in our living room since it’s together with the dining area. Won’t want it to look to crowded! But small plants will definitely find their place in the house! 🙂

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