Garden in the city

One of the common responses we get when people learn that we now live in Frankfurt is:

“Boring. It’s just an urban jungle”

Fortunately, they are so wrong.

There are places in Frankfurt where we can chill out too. Even high-flying bankers need a break! And I didn’t have to travel far to enjoy some serenity this morning. In fact, I went to the Palm Garden which is smacked right in the middle of the city. Don’t be fooled by its name; there are also various flowers and cacti in the garden.

Unfortunately I only had a couple of hours to spare this morning as I had an appointment with the Immigration Office in the afternoon. The Palm Garden is really huge and pretty. I recommend people to visit when the weather is good and if you have 2-3 hours to spare. There are also plenty of benches around and even chaise longues for you to sit down and enjoy a good book.

I wanted to visit the Palm Garden after reading posts on The Little Leaf. Alana draws really awesome pictures of flowers and leafs and you should check them out! I’ve always wished I could draw (everyone in my family can draw except me) but for some reason I just can’t. Also, I’ve been looking at photos taken by my friend Wei Zhong (find his portfolio at Truphotos) and they are  BRILLIANT pictures. One great thing I learnt from Wei Zhong’s works is that we can approach objects from various perspectives. And there I was in Palm Garden snapping away (unprofessionally!).

I do love taking pictures of flowers although I must admit that I NEVER find out what their names are. I just enjoy capturing their details.

I’ve seen some pretty photos of flowers taken bottom-up and I thought it was a good idea to try out that perspective (see yellow flowers picture in the top right). The effect isn’t too bad I would say for an amateur.
The photo in the bottom right (red and white flower) was randomly taken. It was quite high up some sort of tree and there was no way for me to snap it unless I lifted my camera way above my head and tip-toed. I couldn’t look through the view finder when this photo was taken. Turned out alright, didn’t it?
And by the way, I LOVE the orangey/peachy coloured rose!
I love the pastel purple on these flowers!
I ‘risked’ my life for these photos! Bees were EVERYWHERE and I really don’t like them. But I’m glad I managed to get some shots.
After getting very confused with all the various colourful looking flowers, it was actually very pleasing to the eyes to see just green (and some white).
This is what I mean by ‘zooming in to see the tiny details’. I’ve got no idea what they are but hairy looking leaf in the left photo looks slightly scary to me.
Lots of ducks in the garden. As the weather was quite hot in the morning they were kind of just crowding round the pond and getting a splash every so often. Lucky them!
Nature can be really weird at times. To me (at least), these look like roots!

I would love to visit the Palm Garden again with Daniel. He couldn’t make it today since he was at work (or so I hope!). I guess it’s a blessing in disguise that I didn’t have enough time to explore it all today!

I truly enjoyed my little green adventure today. What have you been up to this summer? Let me know if you’ve been visiting any gardens. I would be very interested to see your pictures and what you have to say about them!


9 thoughts on “Garden in the city

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  3. Florence Fauls

    Great account and photos cousin! It reminded me of the time when I woke my children up from their nap one autumn afternoon to visit the arboretum in Minnesota with our friends. We drove by Prince’s house which stood out like a sore thumb because it’s so contemporary amongst the other houses in the countryside and made a pit stop to pick up a bag of fresh apples on the way. The kids were running around this HUGE place and having a ball and then, there is was….It was different, it was red and stood like like Prince’s house which we just saw. It looked like a maple tree except there’s something quite special about it. It could be the wooden fence placed to prevent people like me from touching it or……There is was, my first encounter with the Cherry Blossom. My friend, Ann Johnson had adopted 2 Japanese children when she and her husband were living in Japan. After listening to her stories about Japan over and over again, I couldn’t get over the fact that I’m finally able to connect her story in real life. I kept snapping shots after shots with my then lousy camera. Carol and Joseph are too young to remember that day but I felt like it was just like yesterday as I wrote this.

    1. Awww…bless you! Did you stand near the flowers to take a picture of yourself? My mum always holds the flowers in her face to have such photos taken. I was very excited when I first saw Cherry Blossom in Japan. Absolutely loved it. But I think it was my first experience with falling snow which made me go mental. I ran out in my PJs to the Mini-Stop convenience store round the corner and said to the cashier in Japanese that it was my first time seeing snow falling from the sky! They just laughed at me and told me to be careful. It was hilarious.

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