Monday treats @ Iimori, Frankfurt

Do you ever realise that on Sunday evenings people tend to publicise on Facebook how much they dread Mondays? Yes, the Monday Blues sufferers. I reckon it’s also possible to suffer from Monday Blues even when you don’t work on Mondays. Well, at least I think I do or perhaps I’m just coming up with reasons why I should spoil myself on Mondays.

To treat my self-diagnosed Monday Blues, I went to Iimori after reading Carolina’s review of it here. If I can cut the long story short, I’d say I absolutely love it! I planned to order a couple of green tea flavoured petites and name this post ‘Green Monday’ but the devil within me said ‘Go ahead! Order more!’ after seeing the cakes on display. And so, I ended up with this.

The green tea latte was very smooth and not too sweet. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you might want to add some sugar to it but it was just right for me. It did however cost 4.50 Euros so I doubt I’ll be having it often but definitely worth the treat once in a blue moon.

Now, I bet many of you are actually more interested in the petites! They’re 1.10 Euros each and you can select whichever you want. I just bought everything so I could bring some home for Daniel to try after work. Worry not, I’m not a glutton and I do share good food with my husband.

They look and taste awesome! I like them for being neither too rich nor sweet. Being petites also mean that I can have abit of everything. And apologies for the misplaced blueberry in the bottom right.

I couldn’t help but to take individual shots of these pretty little things so you can have a closer look at them. A little too pretty to be eaten, eh?


There are of course plenty of other stuff in the cafe. They sell tea, freshly baked bread, accessories (no idea why) and chinaware (which in my opinion is on the higher end).  If you fancy breakfast there, they serve buffet for 6.90 Euros between 9am – 1pm from Mondays to Fridays and between 10am – 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays. For more details of it, click here (sorry, only available in German but google translate coped with it pretty well when I tried).

Anyone ever read Birdsong? I find myself totally absorbed in the story but at the same time I have to stop reading it after a couple of chapters because I find it really painful and heartwrenching. It’s as though I feel like I’m part of the story. This isn’t sugar high, I promise you.

I was also very impressed with the ambience of the cafe. I’m not sure if the Japanese owner is trying to mimic themed cafes in Japan but the fusion of French and Japanese pastries worked out really well. If you’re lucky you might be able to get the comfy french antique sofa to sit on and chat your afternoon away with your friends.

I would definitely recommend this cafe if you’re in Frankfurt! It’s smacked right in town – walking distance from Hauptwache, Konstablewache and Dom/Romer.

Disclaimer: Don’t blame me if you end up ordering more than what you originally wanted!


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