Maruyasu Sushi @ Galeria, Frankfurt

Salmon onigiri – Japanese rice ball that’s usually molded into a triangular or oval shape. Wrapped in seaweed, they can be filled with salmon, tuna, pickled ume etc.

We LOVE Japanese food and that’s a well-known fact. One of the first few things I googled about Frankfurt when we decided to relocate was to find if they had many Japanese restaurants (and I don’t mean Yo-sushi which is by no means anywhere near being a decent Japanese restaurant). I must say Frankfurt has so far lived up to my expectations of a city that has various cuisines to offer. I promise I’ll share more about the other cuisines in my future posts but for today please let me indulge in our new discovery which we’re extremely excited to share with everyone! Ok, breathe Yolande, breathe and calm down…

Thanks to Zak (Dan’s pretty cool colleague), we now know of a place where we can get affordable decent sushi in town (I said decent, not mind-blowing Tsukiji kinda fresh sushi!). For anyone who fancies a quick sushi bite in town, do pop down to Galeria (in Hauptwache) and visit Maruyasu Sushi. They have a good variety of sushi and some takeaways (obento). If you have some time to spare, why not try out their udon (5 Euros for half portions and 8 Euros for a full portion)?

As we were rushing to get to Ikea on Saturday we got ourselves a couple of salmon onigiri. It reminded us of days in Japan when we first met. Daniel never had seaweed in his life before and somehow I got him addicted to it! Actually, I think I got him falling in love with various food but I have no idea why he’s still not putting on weight. It must be the good tall and lanky genes he got from his folks (to my mummy: Why!? Why am I only relatively tall but not lanky?).

The onigiri tasted just like an ordinary onigiri we got from the Japanese convenience stores in Tokyo. Don’t get me wrong; we liked it simply because it was ordinary and it tasted just the way it’s supposed to be. Maruyasu Sushi isn’t a place where you have fine Japanese dining. It reminded me of little eateries/ counters in Japanese supermarkets where you just want something simple, quick and affordable.

Here’s evidence to show a very excited Daniel.


What’s your favourite Japanese restaurant/cafe or takeaway in the city you’re living in? Drop me a message in the comments section below with a link to it. Who knows, we might visit one day and give it a try!


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