Grab our blog button!

Daniel has diagnosed me with ‘bloggerlism’. From the moment I’m awake till I go to bed all I have in my mind was ‘how to create a blog button’. Like many bloggers, I saw many beautiful self-designed photos in the sidebars of blogs and I wanted one for myself. And so I embarked on a ‘journey’ to create a badge for our blog.

A lot of tutorials online assume you own a domain or have Photoshop and therefore didn’t work for casual bloggers like us. This tutorial is targeted at users (who can’t really customise their blogs since we don’t pay!). I haven’t used Blogger so I’m not sure if it will work or whether the codes need to be changed – sorry Blogger users!

If you’re interested in the tutorial, click here. I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible. Trust me, I don’t know anything about HTML but I sure know how to copy and paste! What I’ve done is plough through various sources and present what I think is the easiest guide to follow.

I hope the guide will come in handy for you and most importantly, have fun!


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