A weekend of screwing and hammering

We finally moved into our new apartment last Friday. Yay! Since it’s our first proper apartment together we were super excited about decorating it and making it our home. If you’re unfamiliar with renting in Frankfurt, you might be surprised to know that most apartments are unfurnished. Some don’t even come with a kitchen or any white goods. We’re pretty lucky since we found one with a kitchen (at no extra cost) and a washing machine that works (tried it out this morning).

Friday was hectic. We had to ‘check-out’ our previous apartment at 8am and Ikea delivered all our furniture at 9am. Apart from the sofa which the delivery men put together for us (if you buy a sofa from Ikea, assembly service is included – at least for us), we had to assemble everything else ourselves. Of course you could pay extra for someone else to do it, but for Daniel this is real life lego fun!

Pedantic mode switched on.
Copyright craftymemories.wordpress.com

I thought I would give it go and speed things up by assembling the TV console myself despite Ikea recommending 2 people to do so in their instructions manual. Guess what? We had to take everything apart at Step 19 (I think) and return to Step 3. After that little incident we decided that it was best that I work under the ‘supervision’ of Daniel. But hey, I was pretty darn good at sorting the tools! Look!

Neatly sorted and accounted for. Getting organised helps!
Copyright craftymemories.wordpress.com

As useless as I sound, I was also given the task to provide ‘fuel’ (i.e. food and drinks). Daniel wasn’t being sexist (in case there are any feminists out there reading this!!!) because I was really more trouble than help. I can’t follow instructions to save my life. Doing origami was a nightmare for me. Ikea tries to be politically correct by showing a diagram of a man holding the frame of the table while a woman screws the nails in. However for us, it was ‘do whatever that gets the bloody job done’!

Me lending a helping hand. Daniel wasn’t too pleased at that point because I wasn’t really stabilising the frame since the hand was busy trying to snap a shot of this!
Copyright craftymemories.wordpress.com

We worked hard for 3 days putting furniture together and we’re glad to say we’re almost there! The apartment is beginning to look and feel like our home.


3 thoughts on “A weekend of screwing and hammering

  1. Zoe Kilford

    You say real life Lego fun for Dan, but as I recall Christmas often consisted of Dan saying “here Zoe can you build this for me”, he would then play with it once it had been built 🙂
    Can’t wait to have a virtual tour!

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