Homemade Shepherd’s Pie?

Our landlord decided to ‘upgrade’ the water pipes in our apartment hence I can’t really go out during the day since the plumbers are here. It’s quite a hassle and the upgrading has caused us some inconvenience. I’m not particularly happy about it as they’ve removed my toilet door (for the time being) which means I can’t go to the loo during the day when they’re here.

I couldn’t make it in time to get food from the supermarket yesterday since they came an hour late and worked till 7ish in the evening. Thankfully, I’ve got ingredients at home and I thought ‘hmmm…I shall make Shepherd’s Pie!’

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It was my first time making a pie and I was quite impressed! It was not the best pie ever, but I reckon with practice I can make it a lot better. The Brits will probably say this isn’t authentic Shepherd’s Pie and it’s true. It isn’t. I used a mixture of minced beef and pork and omitted the peas (I don’t really fancy peas but I don’t mind them either). I’m not sure if Worchestershire sauce would make it taste different, but as we didn’t have it at home it was omitted too.

Daniel said it tasted good but I guess he can’t be objective about. Since this attempt was only average, I thought I might try again another time before sharing the recipe. Anyone has a secret ingredient which you add to your Shepherd’s Pie?


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