Wiesbaden – Market Church

The Market Church is approximately 20 minutes walk from Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof. From far, it reminds me of the few churches we visited in England. It looks very impressive on the outside.

View of the Market Church from the bus stop.
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
Market Church
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

As we were there on a Saturday, the weekend market was opened. I love such markets because  you can buy fresh produce from local farmers and chances are you’ll probably end up being a regular of some of the stalls! Supermarkets are convenient since you can almost get anything and everything (ignoring the fact that they’re closed on Sundays!) but I think it’s kind of nice to mingle with the local farmers. Well, I don’t speak any German so I can’t say that I’ve mingled with any of them but I’ll definitely get something from the market in Frankfurt!

Weekend market – Did the colour splash effect on the photo using Photobucket!
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

Oh! And before I finish my post on Wiesbaden, I would like to share you all a picture of the sky when we visited. Although it was a little chilly and not always sunny, the sky looked really beautiful with those clouds.

Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

We hope everyone had a brilliant weekend too!


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