Schöne Aussicht, Frankfurt

Schöne Aussicht @ Fahrgasse 3, Frankfurt am Main
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Yesterday we went to Schöne Aussicht in Frankfurt to celebrate one of Daniel’s colleague’s birthday. I really should have brought along my camera (filled with regret now!) because the food was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I tend to blog a bit on home cooked food but rarely on stuff we eat outside because I’m usually not impressed. Before anyone thinks of me as a fussy eater, please allow me to defend myself. I’m just not one who spends money to sit in a fancy restaurant eating mediocre food. If the food is awesome, a roadside stall is just as good for me.

I always prefer to order a main which I can’t cook at home (due to the lack of accessibility to ingredients or equipment). I ordered an Orecchiette (pasta dish) yesterday which was awesome. To be honest, I had no idea what the sauce was made of. Definitely not tomato or cream and it didn’t help not understanding what was written in the menu either (ok, I need to study more German during the day!). The menu was relatively small (but sufficient choices in my opinion) so you won’t be too overwhelmed even if you don’t read German. The waitress spoke fluent English too, so you don’t have to worry about not understanding what’s on the menu. I knew I won’t be served weird stuff on my plate in the city so I didn’t even bother checking what I ordered.

Prices were slightly above average in my opinion (12 Euros for my pasta and 15.50 Euro for Dan’s Schnitzel – maybe the norm for the others?)  and definitely not quite what we would usually like pay for but I walked out a happy customer. I thought the food was worth the money since they were absolutely delicious. I wish I had photos to tempt you guys with (how many of you readers are now thinking ‘hasn’t she got a Smartphone with a camera??!!!’ Well….nope…).

Schöne Aussicht is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Frankfurt. Situated along the Main, you can easily walk off the calories after a meal (or do that before to justify eating more!). Don’t be fooled by its exterior – it may not look that classy on the outside, but the setting indoors was pretty trendy (although there was a mismatched painting hung on the wall – as if I know anything about art…).

Anyway, I reckon I’ll be back for a nice meal for special occasions and I promise to share pictures of the food next time.

P.S. It’s someone’s birthday next Saturday and we’re planning to have a Japanese meal. So do stay in touch if you want to know where is good to go for Japanese when you’re in Frankfurt! The place that we’re going to has been recommended by lots of Japanese friends we know (and yes, we trust their taste buds!!!).


One thought on “Schöne Aussicht, Frankfurt

  1. Florence Fauls

    Thanks cousin! This place will be marked for a visit when we’re in Frankfurt which I hope will not be too long!

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