Fujiwara Japanese Restaurant, Frankfurt

Today we celebrated Daniel’s 27th birthday. I wanted it to be fun as it has been a while since we went on a ‘date’. Yes, we do like going on our little dates.

Firstly, here’s a shot of the birthday boy with his birthday banner and balloons. I know it does look pathetic with only 6 balloons, but I’m not a fan of them!

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To kick off the celebration, we went to Fujiwara for lunch. It’s a small restaurant with quite a good menu. I had the sashimi set and Daniel had the tori no karaage set. We both really liked our food a lot. The sashimi was definitely a lot (way way way hell a lot!)  better than those ‘sushi restaurants’ with ‘sushi belts’.

Here’s the sashimi that I had. I wish I had more…
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Yummy tori no karaage! Crispy on the outside…awww…
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

Fujiwara had a small family restaurant atmosphere to it which I really liked. I thought prices were pretty much average (given that it’s an authentic Japanese restaurant) and definitely worth going back for our second treat. I paid 15 Euro for the sashimi set and Daniel’s tori no karaage set was 12 Euro.

Since it’s only a 15 min walk from our apartment, we’ll really have to resist making it our regular ‘hang out’ place! The birthday boy was pleased with his birthday treat (we both love Japanese food and have EXTREMELY high expectations of it) so I reckon … WE APPROVE OF FUJIWARA!



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