We Witnessed A Birth!

To celebrate Daniel’s birthday yesterday, we went to Frankfurt Zoo. It was our second time there. We visited about 4 years ago during winter and were bored to the core at the zoo. It was one of those zoos where you’ve got to stretch your necks out to find an animal in the enclosure. We decided to visit again this summer hoping that our experience would be very different.

I was quite disappointed to begin with since a lot of the enclosures were empty (STILL!) plus I don’t really like seeing animals caged up. However, we witnessed one of the most amazing things ever. We saw a chick hatch! And it shares the same birthday as Daniel! I grew up in Singapore where our agricultural industry is almost non-existent so this was my first time watching a chick hatch! Yes, I was super excited. Here are some shots of the process. For more pictures of the chick, please do check out our Craftymemories Facebook page and ‘Like’ our page if you…well, like it of course. Hope everyone’s having an AWESOME weekend!

It all started with a crack…
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
Its first peek.
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
Yay! It was tweeting away!
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
Apparently it knows how to strike a kung fu pose too!
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
Thumbs up for this little one! It was trying to stand on its feet.
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

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