Happy Birthday Singapore!

Orchids. Picture taken at the Singapore Orchids Garden.
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9th August 2012 is Singapore’s 47th birthday. It’s a day where we gather to celebrate Singapore’s independence. It’s a day to celebrate the success of this little red dot.

In the past 2.5 years since I’ve left Singapore, the government has been criticised for the policies it has put in place. Some vocal minority (or perhaps the majority?) feel that Singapore is no longer their home. Today, I’m not going to start a debate on whether those policies are flawed or not. Today, I am going to celebrate because I am proud to be a Singaporean.

National Days were spent sleeping at home. We used to look at the fireworks and say we ought to watch them because they were taxpayers money. But ever since I lived outside of Singapore, National Day has become more of an important day for me (at least). I love Singapore because that’s where all my family and friends are, where my closest ties live. It’s where I spent the first 26 years of my life living life to its fullest.

We do not have any UNESCO sites, ‘real’ rivers or olympic gold medals to show off to the world; we are what people call a ‘concrete jungle’. Ironically, this is the place where I’ll always call home. It is home for the most silly reasons ever. It’s because it’s where I can speak without faking a poor British accent in order to be understood (i.e. Singlish all the way), it’s where t-shirt and shorts are part of my daily wardrobe, where people know what I mean when I say ‘slippers’, it’s where we nudge people in our way (yes, no pretense whatsoever). To be honest, the list goes on and on.

For those who don’t know much about Singapore, here’s a little write-up in Singlish:

Singapore is a small country lor. Everyday oso very the hot wan lor. We got no winter, autumn or spring. Just above 30 degrees everyday. You think very shiok meh? Singaporeans complain about the stupid weather everyday sia. Everyday so bloody hot. Sweat so much. A lot of us live in HDB flats. Nowadays HDB oso very ex sia. Sometime people say Singapore is food paradise. Singaporeans like to makan a lot. We got hawker centers, food courts and of course got restaurants oso la. Hawker food very delicious cos can get all the local food. Super shiok man. Public transport oso quite good la. Got MRT. But recently always break down, so people not happy lor. Oh, and Singaporeans very kiasu wan.

Well, of course the above ISN’T everything about Singapore that you should know about. One of Daniel’s colleagues shared with him a video today and it basically paints a very good picture of what Singapore is (in funny way). Here’s the link to it.


I would like to wish all Singaporeans (at home and overseas) A VERY HAPPY NATIONAL DAY! And to Singapore, you’ll always be my home in my heart even when I’m thousands of miles away.


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