Urban Trail

We used to embark on long walks in Singapore and Oxford. It was therapeutic in a way because we got to see places or things we usually don’t get to see when travelling on a train or car and we get to chat a lot more. Life in Frankfurt has been pretty hectic since we arrived in May so unfortunately we haven’t got the chance to explore Frankfurt and its countryside on foot (YET!).

But since I’m in a desperate need to lose a few kilos (plus I’ve ‘died’ a few times from running after buses and trains and therefore need to build up stamina again), I embarked on a small urban walkabout journey myself today.

I started off at Westend with home as my final destination. According to Googlemap it’s only about 4.5km which would take me around an hour to complete. Surely that’s manageable (afterall, we did complete the 5 hours walk in Singapore, rain or shine!). I love walking around because it allows me to observe my surroundings more. Here are a few shots of what I saw today!

The weather’s been pretty hot lately and we haven’t had much rain. I don’t know if it’s purely because of the heat or whether it’s a sign that autumn is on its way, but for sure, the trees are definitely ‘balding’!
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See! Frankfurt isn’t an urban jungle! There are plenty of parks around and this is just one of the many small ones. I love them because I can easily go out with a packed lunch, sit there and enjoy my alone time. Ok, if the weather’s good.
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Blue isn’t anywhere close to being my favourite colour. But I absolutely love it when the sky looks this blue. I took this picture as I love wispy looking clouds.
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
Apologies for the poor quality but I took it with my phone from a distance and cropped the picture. This was found just outside our apartment! Cute, isn’t it?
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

I really want to go on a longer hiking trail with Daniel in Germany. Perhaps the Rhein route might be the way to go!



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