Just an ordinary white bread

Lesson to learn: Never ever bake bread if you’ve got a bad back. (This has to be written in black and white and published so my husband remembers not to be foolish again.)

Daniel’s been watching Yakitate!! Japan and was inspired to bake a bread together last Saturday (despite his bad back). Since we couldn’t go anywhere, and I’m known to get extremely bored easily, he thought baking a bread together would be a fun activity. Why not, right?

He found the recipe for Easy White Bread on BBC since they’re quite reliable. To be honest, I’ve never thought of baking breads. It’s just such a loooong, tedious process plus bread isn’t expensive to buy anyway. But if it’s an activity that doesn’t involve any of us being too engrossed with our iphones or ipad, I’m up for it.

Since he had a bad back, 95% of the kneading was done (proudly) by me. Geez, it was definitely a good exercise. I thought my arms were a lot more firm than before!

I’m actually glad we took the time to bake bread together. It was just an ordinary white bread but it made us spend some quality time together. Hey, there was some teamwork involved! It reminded me of the days when we studied Japanese together in Tokyo, helping each other out (ok, I needed more help in Japanese than Daniel).

We do get busy with whatever we need to do during the day. And when I have a job assignment, I tend to get very excited. It has been a while (probably more than 2 years) since I’ve worked on something I like and find great satisfaction in. Therefore when we have time to do little things like baking together, I really treasure the time we spend together.

It was just an ordinary white bread, but it did make my day. The weekend also had a perfect ending as we sat on a bench in the park and watched the sun set.


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