A Taste of Kyoto in Frankfurt

Earlier this week, we went to Kyoto Centre with a couple of Japanese friends to sample some sake. It is located on Bergerstrasse 188 (the building next to Commerzbank and directly opposite Frankfurter Sparkasse). Unlike most shops which are located on the ground floor, Kyoto Centre is on the 3rd floor and you’ll need to ring the bell to enter the building.

It was a pleasure to be hosted by the President herself, Sano-san. She’s a very lovely lady who knows so much about Kyoto (and Japan in generally). During our visit, we tasted 5 different cold sake. Yes, cold ones! I’m not a BIG drinker, neither do I know anything much about sake hence it was my first time trying cold sake. The ones I had before were warm. When I heard about sake tasting, I thought it was going to be like food sampling at a supermarket. However, it was an entirely different experience! Sano-san was very hospitable. She sat us down in a room (with a brilliant view of Bergerstrasse!) and explained each sake and its taste to us. Unfortunately, I was too shy to ask if I could take pictures (didn’t want to be rude!). My favourite (and Daniel’s too) was probably the Yuzu-shuu sake. It tasted a little sweet which is why I like it. Apparently it’s so rich in Vitamin C that Daniel wanted to replace Ja! Multivitamin juice with Yuzu-shuu sake (don’t worry people, he’s not an alcoholic; he just has a weird sense of humour).

Apart from sake, Kyoto Centre also sells Nanbu ironware teapots. They look like they’re really of excellent quality and come in various beautiful colours too. For anyone interested, do check out Kyoto Centre’s Facebook Page.

Daniel and I have been on a lookout for incense for some time and we couldn’t decide which to get. We were really glad that Kyoto Centre also sells Japanese incense. As there was a huge variety of incense, we bought the sample incense and the incense holder to try it out.

A sample pack comes with 15 different scents. This is just one of its many varieties and costs 5 euros. The incense holder was 9 euros and it comes in 3 different colours.
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

There are both Japanese and English description on the packaging of the incense.

Incense packaging with Japanese description. Ok, it smells super good and anything colourful makes me happy. That simple!
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
And on the back there’s a description of the scents in English.
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

When we bought the incense I was worried that it might get too smokey in the bedroom (afterall, smoke is smoke, whether it’s scented or not) and since the incense weren’t as long as the ones I’ve seen before, I didn’t know how strong they would be. Having tried one out last night, I must say we’re extremely pleased with it. One stick lasted 35 minutes and the scent was strong enough (but not to the point where it is overwhelming). It was pleasant and relaxing. It didn’t get smokey so that’s really good news for us. I have no idea how long the scent lasted since I was fast asleep after an hour or so!

If you’re living in Frankfurt and want to experience something Japanese (like crafts, sake tasting or flower arrangement etc), why not drop by Kyoto Centre? It was a brilliant experience for us. I hope they’ll start bringing in more home accessories or decorative items since our walls still look very bare!









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