Paulaner am Dom, Frankfurt

Yesterday we celebrated my 28th birthday. Yes, I haven’t stopped counting. The first thing I did in the morning was to check if there were any new wrinkles on my face and I’m glad to say I didn’t notice any new ones (yet). I poked my finger into my cheeks to see if my skin bounced back immediately, and yes they did. Probably a couple of ‘spare tyres’ but I reckon regular exercise will make them ‘flat tyres’ (hopefully). I’m very pleased with myself and my life so that’s always a good start.

I had a surprise birthday treat at Paulaner am Dom in town. I haven’t tried many German restaurants. Servings are usually HUGE so I reckon it would be better for me to stay clear of them. But I told Daniel I wanted something German for my birthday – afterall, we’re living in Germany!

The menu was huge so I suppose it would be fairly easy for people to find something they fancy. I had Schnitzel more than 4 years ago and have yet to try one since we moved to Frankfurt. So, we both ordered Schnitzel for lunch! The meat was super tender and tasty…yummy!


It wasn’t too busy during lunch time (no idea why) which was a good thing. It meant that we could take our own sweet time to enjoy our food and chit-chat. Yes, chit-chat. We live together and see each other everyday but I’m just so happy that we still chat like we did 7 years ago at Gusto (family restaurant) in Tokyo.

I was utterly spoilt rotten by Daniel (as usual!). He actually took me shopping!!! You have no idea how difficult it is to make me spend money. I probably complicate my own life by thinking 3 or 4 times before making a purchase. I actually have to be encouraged to spend! The weather was awesome, we had a great time together, took an evening walk along the river…what a memorable 28th birthday!

Although the frame says 1982, I wasn’t born till 1984. I swear I’m not lying about my age!

Thank you, love!


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