The Fabulous 4

Today I’m writing a post on the Fab 4. We started this group 11 years ago and we took the world by storm. Alright, our world was pretty small when we were 17. Qian, Eli and I knew each other since we were 13 and Rach (the Nanyang Girl i.e. smarty two shoes; that’s not to say the rest of us are dumb!) joined us when we were all 17. Anyway, we survived A levels together and did ourselves proud at university. I’m glad we never lost touch and still ‘click’ after all these years.

We’re all different in our own ways. Rach is kinda like ‘the mother hen’. Eli is ever so cool and calm. Qian is ‘the princess’ and very dreamy. I’m just full of nonsense. I guess the group dynamic is perfect and we keep each other sane.

For my 28th, here’s what I got from them all the way from Singapore!

Exactly! Lots of stuff and very useful stuff actually. Apparently Qian wants me to have all these stuff everywhere so that I’m always thinking of them. Isn’t she funny? And can you believe she’s going to be a mum soon? Oh well, she’s going to be a brilliant one!


I’ve been complaining about the cold and here’s what I’ve got! Socks and shorts to keep me warm! The pair of shorts is pretty cute, isn’t it. I love the contrast between the pink and black. Now, the question is if I can actually fit into it.

It also came with a Japanese baking recipe book which I passed to Daniel and forgot to take a picture of it!

I love these cute clips! They will come in really handy since I have lots of cereal and flour packets at home. And that green timer! Makes me want to bake something now!

Yummy Japanese products! I can’t wait to try the Yuzu tea….

I wish they have Daiso in Frankfurt now….

To satisfy the crafty me!

I love those iron on transfers! They are so cute and definitely very YO-YO ish. I’ll definitely be finding a few tops and start working on them!

Thank you girls for the lovely birthday messages!

This very colourful birthday card came with a very nice message at the back, only for my eyes. It’s perfect!


All these pressies came in a National Day Parade tote. Yes babes, the bag will come in very handy and I’ll definitely be using it as often as I can. Majulah Singapuraaaaa~~~~~~

I feel really spoilt by the Fab 4 now. It’s a really pleasant surprise and I love every single thing in the bag for me. Such thoughtful gifts! And yes, I miss you girls too!


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