Meral’s Imbiss, Frankfurt

Hello again everybody! People were asking why I haven’t been blogging for a long, long time and for those who don’t live in Frankfurt, I guess they started to wonder if I’m even alive. Please be assured this is me actually blogging away and not some part-time writer that Daniel employed so he could hide my death (I’m pretty sure he won’t be pleased with me saying this but oh well, he’s not sat next to me). I’m sorry for being out of action lately. I’ve been caught up with work (and the excitement of it all) and planning for our Japan holiday (on 2nd Nov). Yes, all excuses.

Today, I would like to share with you a floating take-away Turkish Kebap in Frankfurt. It’s usually anchored on the south side of the river and it’s known as Meral’s Imbiss. It was really popular in the summer, and in fact too popular for me to the extent that I couldn’t be bothered to queue for it. I reckon it must mean that it was good?


Now that autumn has kicked in there are fewer people queuing for it and I thought it would be a great idea to give it a shot. We headed down to the river on Sunday and ordered ourselves a wrap each. Prices were pretty decent – 3.50 to 4.00 Euros. There are plenty of benches along the river to sit on and enjoy a good, old Turkish kebap.

I wasn’t sure if it was the cold weather, but the wrap wasn’t as warm as I would have liked it to be. Don’t get me wrong because it still tasted good. Very good in fact. However I don’t think I’ll be back for another kebap till the weather warms up again.

Behind those smiles is the pain felt in our fingers from holding on to wraps! Yes, we should have brought our gloves with us.

For me, I simply enjoyed the time spent with Daniel. It’s just nice trying new places and spending time together. When we do things like this, it always feels like a date to me.


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