Autumn in Frankfurt

Before leaving my hot and humid country in 2010 I had a romanticised idea of winter. I thought it would be wonderful to be surrounded by snow and that it would be amazing to have 4 different wardrobes to suit the season. My husband, who was born and raised in England, thought I was insane. He would rather be wearing flip flops and be in T-shirt and shorts all day. 2.5 years later (today) I can’t tell you how much I dislike winter. But since I can’t do anything about the weather (or move anywhere warmer) I thought I might as well do something this year to make the cold weather more bearable.

When the weather starts turning cold in autumn we get all restless and start complaining about how grey everything looks. Shorter daylight hours don’t help. Before winter even sets in we each mourn for the loss of summer for approximately 2 weeks. Yes, how dramatic. Hence, I decided to capture the beauty of autumn this year (since I do enjoy photography – not serious about it though) so that I can focus on the good side of things.

This is a picture of a tree near our apartment in early autumn.


And since my favourite colour is red I had to get a close up image of the leaf.


I am affected more on very cold days. My shoulders get really stiff (and I get very bad shoulder aches) which inevitably result in a migraine on some days. However, a 92 year old Scottish lady told me that there isn’t such as thing as cold weather. She said there’s only inadequate clothing. That day I took these pictures below after work.




I can usually handle stress pretty well and I think I work very well under stress. Or that was what I thought when I lived in Singapore. But when it gets cold outside it is so easy to cook up an excuse to stay home. This autumn I had run some errands pretty early in the morning and to be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it. On hindsight I’m glad I ran that errand or else I wouldn’t have got this picture.


Everything seems to slow down in autumn. And it makes me sad that trees and flowers wither. Without the greenery and colourful flowers everything looks dull. However if we appreciate the present and look at the beauty of autumn, things might not be that bad. These were taken near Daniel’s work place.



We moved into our apartment in the summer and I absolutely loved the greenery right outside our bedroom windows. Don’t they look awesome too in autumn?


Last but not least, it might be cold but there are days when the sun decides to pay us a visit too.


After this mini project I concluded that the cold will never ever be my friend again. I don’t think I’ll ever fall in love with it and the romanticised idea has vanished. However, this doesn’t mean that I can’t go out and enjoy myself. I enjoyed snapping away and trying out new apps on my phone. And I love it when people comment on how beautiful these pictures look (ok, some people may not like them). Will I ever get used to the cold? I don’t think so. Any solutions? Well… layer up, get yourself a good coat and invest in a pair proper boots to keep your feet toasty and all the other accessories to keep warm. If I had to choose between looking trendy and being warm, I would choose the latter. And nope, I don’t think they come as a pair (yet) and if they do, I probably can’t afford it.


6 thoughts on “Autumn in Frankfurt

  1. Andrea

    awww.. please take care . my shoulders get pain little even under air cond too. May i know when is the autumn season in frankfurt particularly when will be the end of autumn? I believe November 20 th onwards would be winder and the temperature is pretty cold 😦

  2. Rachel Dong

    Most women are afraid of cold, but it never occurred to me that you’re also afraid of cold because you look so health and love sports. For myself, I hate winter very very much. In winter, everynight, I fill a bucket with warm/hot water and sit on sofa with my feet submerged to accelerate blood circulation. How do you call it? Foot bath? We call it 泡脚. Never drink alcoholic beverages to stay warm. although it make you feel warm, it actually lowers your body temperature.
    you’ll go to Japan tomorrow,right? Don’t forget to grad some 暖宝宝!

    1. xiao dong!!! Even if I exercise it only keeps me warm for a while. A foot bath actually sounds very good! I might try it. When I had foot reflexology in Beijing the guy kept telling me my “qi” isn’t good and I have to have a foot bath every night. And I’ll definitely get some heat packs from Japan since they aren’t common here. stay warm this winter!!!

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