Osaka Aquarium

We stayed at the New Osaka Hotel which is located 3 mins walk from Shin-Osaka station. It wasn’t a fancy hotel but that didn’t bother us since its purpose was to provide a shelter over our heads at night. And for 40euros a night, I couldn’t complain.

We didn’t spend much time in Osaka since our objective was to be strategically close to Kyoto. However, we managed to set some time aside (glad we did) to visit the world’s biggest aquarium – Osaka Aquarium. It’s such an amazing place and I recommend you to visit it if you’re in Osaka.


On our way to the aquarium, I noticed a really pretty manhole cover with a picture of Osaka Castle on it and coloured in.


The aquarium’s main exhibits take you on a tour around the Pacific Ocean in a 9 meters deep tank. Visitors start off at the top and walk deep down the ocean as though you’re on the sea bed. You’ll see a variety of animals, fish, plants, jellyfish and even a whale shark!

Here are some of the photos I got during my visit.

Great Barrier Reef


Whale shark


Finding Nemo


Floating Jellyfish





We spent an entire afternoon at the aquarium because it was simply breathtaking. Throughout the journey there was soothing music. And as it got darker outside, the tanks also got darker and it felt very calm. Do visit it when you’re in Osaka!

Take the Chuo Line and get off at Osakako station.
Approx. 12 min. from Hommachi (Midousuji line) to Osakako station.
Approx. 18 min. from Umeda (or Osaka on the JR line) to Osakako station.
Approx. 35 min. from Shinosaka (Shinkansen JR line) to Osakako station.
Approx. 37 min. from Universal City (JR line) to Osakako station.
Approx. 75 min. from Kansai International Airport to Osakako station by JR line and Subway.

If you’re taking the subway, it might be worth getting a combi-ticket for 2300yen (includes entrance fees to the aquarium which costs 2000yen and 300yen for unlimited subway rides within Osaka City). Please note that the JR Pass does not cover journeys on the subway lines in Tokyo and Osaka.


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