COooold (but you’ve got to get moving!)

It’s -8 degrees Celsius outside as I’m writing this. Unlike many of my Singaporean friends, I no longer worship winter. I see the inconvenience that comes with winter, and in particular, SNOW. But since I decided last autumn to enjoy the cold weather by doing stuff I like (such as photography), I braved the cold and ice to capture shots of trees.








I do find myself struggling to exercise during winter simply because it’s too cold outside (unless you have a gym membership). And since I work from home, it’s possible for me to stay home all day. However, I’ll be overwhelmed with guilt from not exercising! I think it’s really important that we get our 30mins of exercise each day to stay physically and mentally fit. For me, I try to fit an activity I enjoy (eg. photography) when I’m out and about. On days when I’m home, I’ll strive to complete a 30/40mins ballet barre workout to warm my muscles up (or burn my fats!).

Despite the snow and the really cold weather we’re experiencing, I hope everyone’s been setting aside some time to yourself (be it reading a book, exercising or spa) and keeping yourself warm. The good news is – we’re three quarters way through winter and it doesn’t get dark THAT early anymore! I can’t wait to show everyone my tulips and onions in our balcony in spring (assuming they’ll survive this winter!).


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