Off to “Korea” in Frankfurt

I had my fair share of “I’m so crazy over this Korean dude” days which ended prematurely as the dramas got too soapy for my liking. Gone were the days when I fantasised being Song Hye Kyo or Choi Ji Woo dying in the arms of incredibly hot and handsome men who shed tears as though their eyes were running taps. Yes, it was that bad (where do you think I learned to be this dramatic?). I have mellowed a little over the years and have learnt to only “act crazy” in front of certain people. Who said that the nail that sticks out gets hammered in only applies to Japanese society? It is a universal rule, I reckon.

Blessed with a day of almost 20 degrees Celsius (when you’ve had 6 months of cold and short daylight hours, THE temperature IS your life) and Mr Sunshine, I decided that Spring has arrived (on hindsight, I’m so bloody WRONG). I never stick to my new year resolutions so I thought Spring would be a good time to make life changes. Dressed in just a cotton Gap top and jeans, I put on my Clarks knee-high boots (with a slightly worn out sole…time to get new ones!) and decided to accomplish a 10km walk return journey to Frankfurt’s Korean Garden which is located in Grüneburgpark.

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The Korean Garden is divided into four areas to represent the four seasons. I found an empty bench in a sunny spot and savoured my homemade peanut butter sandwich. The sun was shining brightly and it has been a long time since I rolled up my sleeves to tan my arms. My body welcomed the heat and soon I found myself lying on the bench for a nap. At that moment I thought “life is good” and I should really cherish the “now” and try to complain less about the “should haves”, “ifs” and what not.


The Korean Garden is located 5km away from my apartment and I used it as a destination to get back into training. I was a lot more active in Singapore (really love the women only gym membership I had) but got lazy when I moved to Europe. I am now training to walk longer distances to keep fit and to explore new places. So if anyone knows of a good walking trail in Germany, give me a shout!


Having been to Seoul for a couple of times for work, I am absolutely unaware of Korean culture. Apart from being in the office from 9-6pm and spending my business trip allowances on clothes and skin care during late night shopping, I hardly know anything about Korea. I felt quite detached from my surroundings in the Korean Garden. However if I had the opportunity to, I would love to visit Korea! And yes, the bucket list only gets longer…


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