Königstein im Taunus

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend but not gorging yourselves with too much chocolates.

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for ages. The trip to Königstein im Taunus has been postponed for weeks because we haven’t been very lucky with the weather. It is still bitterly cold in Germany with no signs of Spring but I thought we might as well make a day trip and enjoy ourselves.

Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

“Königstein” means “King’s stone” and is famous for its castle ruins. I do enjoy visiting historical places, especially castles. I like the rustic look of them compared to the lavish appearances of palaces. In my head I picture knights on horses, guards on duty and myself, the abducted Princess of Lalaland, waiting for my Prince Charming to rescue me.

Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

My fear of heights would be such a huge handicap. But if my abductors knew my weak point, I would have betrayed my Prince Charming the moment we got to step number 5 of the tower. I’m utterly useless when it comes to height. My legs are as good as being paralysed. I did try to climb those stairs made out of wobbly rocks while my hands grabbed on tight to the stone walls. I didn’t get very high.

Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

What happened to the roof? Did it erode over 800 years? Did they even build a roof? What actually happened to this place? Unfortunately, I don’t know enough German to fully understand what happened. And no, I don’t trust Wikipedia.

Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com
Copyright Craftymemories.wordpress.com

Despite not being a fan of heights, I do like having an overview of towns and cities. And up at the castle ruins, the air was fresh and birds were chirping away. It was relaxing even though it was cold. Königstein is small but beautiful. It would probably be better if I had blue skies in my pictures and maybe 10 degrees warmer but it was a good day.


One thought on “Königstein im Taunus

  1. April Johnson

    Hello, My Great Grand Mother Was Princess Konigstein. She was the last Princess to have lived in the castle before world war two. The russains wanted the dead. Hitler had sent my grandmother and two brothers to a death camp, at that point the train had recked and Grandma and brothers had gotten away. I have lots to tell you. and hopefully you can help me find out more about my family. My mother was 4 when they came to America. you can contact me at 701-360-7149.

    Thank You,
    April Johnson

    Oh Mom says she believes Great Grandma’s name was Martha Konigstein And her Brother was Prince Henry Konigstein. I would love to find out more.

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