Weekly Photo Challenge 2: Coffee to Go

Life in Germany isn’t complete if you’ve never stepped into a café to have a slice of cake and coffee. Cafés in Germany have as much significance as pubs do in Britain. Ever since moving to Frankfurt we started visiting cafés a lot. Not just Starbucks but also little ones. As much as I do enjoy coffee at Starbucks, they’re usually so crowded and noisy that I find it hard to have a conversation there without having to shout.

One of my favourite coffee places to go is World Coffee. It’s not that they do excellent coffee (decent enough quality actually) but rather I find myself able to sit there for a couple of hours with a good book without feeling the need to give my sit up for someone else.

Given that I’m beginning to enjoy coffee a bit more now I decided that this week’s Photo Challenge will be “Coffee to go”. To be honest I got this picture by chance. We were out for a picnic and my husband wanted somewhere stable to place his coffee. Where else but in his very own shoes? I must admit I do enjoy wordplay. To make matters worse (or funnier in my humble opinion), my husband’s response was “Thanks for the footnote”.


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