Japanese Garden in Singapore

Overwhelmed by jet lag, I reckoned I had to take a walk in the sun despite the humidity levels in Singapore. After a brilliant lunch at Jurong Point, we went to Chinese Garden (train station) to visit the Japanese Garden.

It was built in 1974. The architectural design has a calming effect (quite zen like).


Singapore is a very small island. We often complain how crowded it gets and that everyday is a rat race. Hence, it’s a luxury to be strolling in the parks. The demands of everyday life probably doesn’t allow those in Singapore to enjoy such lovely greenery.


I have never been to the Japanese Garden. There always was an excuse to not go. Being back in Singapore for a holiday allows me to appreciate whatever nature we have left (although many are man-made).


I enjoyed the peaceful surroundings, away from traffic and the crowd. The walk allowed me to play around with my new camera. Check out the dramatic filter below!


I suppose living in a country with four seasons means missing out on beautiful, bright flowers for many months in a year. Hence I get overly excited (compared to my peers) when I see a bud! Over the past 3 years, I’ve learnt to appreciate warm weather a lot more. Okay, this is only the start of my tropical (and VERY humid) 3-week long holiday…


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