Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

Snap! Snap! Snap! Welcome to one of Singapore’s latest attraction, Gardens by the Bay. Built on reclaimed land, this place is magical. I wished I had looked into how big it is before visiting because we ended up not having enough time to walk around the different gardens. Fortunately we have 3 weeks in Singapore. The Cloud Forest and Flower Dome are definitely worth visiting. Despite the fact that I just survived the most dreadful winter ever, I enjoyed the cold mist at Cloud Forest and the cool Spring like weather at Flower Dome. I am the walking irony.


The main attraction in the Cloud Forest dome is the 7 storey high structure which showcases a huge variety of flowers and plants. The man made fountain is sure to cool you down after walking around in typically hot and humid Singapore.


For those wanting to get up close to the flowers/ plants, you will not be disappointed. There are “pavements” that bring you round the structure. If you’re a photomaniac like me, you will manage a few shots.


Singapore is really crowded and tiny! I can’t emphasise more. Any green space will no doubt be used for housing or commercial purposes to cope with our growing population. Conservationists will probably not like this kind of decisions made with regards to land usage. I think it is sad that green spaces are being used to build more skyscrapers and malls. Hence, when an effort is made to create green spaces, I do appreciate it. I love places like Gardens by the Bay because it is just so relaxing!


In the Flower Dome, 20 000 tulips were flown in from the Netherlands for the Tulipmania display. They do look like any other tulips on google images and my balcony in Frankfurt, but the beauty of it was the display.


The sweet scent of hyacinths filled the dome. Ahhh…spring!!! Told you I’m a walking irony. Such a shame that such flowers do not grow well in Singapore. But I supposed we don’t have to deal with the cold.


It is a very kids friendly place to visit too. Plenty of educational information – videos, leaflets etc. Definitely a place for the young and old.


I’ll definitely visit the outdoor parks before leaving Singapore. If you’re ever visiting Gardens by the Bay, do allow yourself half a day at least!


6 thoughts on “Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

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  5. Florence Fauls

    A friend of mine once said to me “Nothing is spontaneous in Singapore. Every leaf every tree is there for a purpose.”

    I’m glad that Singapore is embracing nature even though it is not spontaneous. It’s so important to connect human with nature especially for future generations who have not experienced Kampong living. I grew up in the 70’s where chickens. ducks and goose are free to roam around and crow all day long. My kindergarten has a field across the street where we can watch lalangs blow in the wind. Gardens by the Bay looks beautiful and I hope to see it for myself someday. In the meantime, I’ll just feast at your photos.

    1. Apparently we’ve mimicked the kampong feel at Flyer. I’ll visit it to see what it’s like since I don’t remember living at Pasir Panjang Kampong. You have to visit Gardens by the Bay when you have the chance. It’s really beautiful and educational. MBS is just next door and has like the most atas foodcourt EVER in SG. I shall write about it at some point when I have pics as evidence.

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