Weekly Photo Challenge 3: Teamwork


Being able to work as a team is definitely one of the skills everyone puts on their CV. From a young age, we’re taught how to play and work with others from doing group projects together. I remember having to deal with the laziest 3 boys in class for a group project at A levels. I bitched about wanting to change group mates to a relative and much to my dismay, I was basically told to snap out of it and work with those boys. Those guys were a pain in the neck. I didn’t know how to deal with them and started dreading those project work sessions. Thank goodness things got better at university and projects were done more efficiently (and more fun too!).

I can be a control freak at times (even at home!) hence teamwork has never been easy for me unless I was working with people I knew and trusted. On the occasions when I had to work with a stranger I immediately turned on my “scanner” mode to see if they were empty vessels or smart workers. This isn’t to leave the empty vessels out though.

I believe that an average person always has something to contribute. Everyone has a role to play. For example, why should a cleaner or rubbish collector be looked down on just because they’re clearing our mess and are less educated? They hold the lowest position in the company but yet a housing estate/ hawker center/ public toilets cannot do without them. However small one’s position is, I believe that we are valuable in our own tiny ways.

Despite not conducting any research, those 3 boys who slept in class were amazing at presentation (and bullshitting…it was an innovation project).

The tree in the photo looks like it has many tiny trunks entangled. To be honest, I saw “entanglement” initially. But if we changed our perspective of things, I guess I could say that the combined strength of those thin trunks provide great strength for the tree to stand tall, come rain or shine.


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