Weekly Photo Challenge 5: Time

There’s always a story behind every photo and that’s why I love taking pictures. Whenever I look at old albums I’m reminded of a particular event that happened that led to the shots. Photos contain great memories and it’s indeed true that a picture paints a thousand words.

Last week’s challenge was “Time” (and I’m late in posting!) and you must be wondering what on earth has a torn page got to do with it. Well, here’s the story.

We had a simple wedding video which family and friends helped us take 4 years ago. After showing bits and pieces to family, it went missing. We were terribly upset. Despite checking high and low we couldn’t find it. Last year we searched for it again but to no avail. I was convinced it got chucked out by accident during the move. We were devastated!

When we visited my family this year, my dad decided to ask Dan if he wanted any of his old business books back. As we cleared the store my dad handed me this darn “Strategic Management” book which had something in between the pages. My first response was “Oh my god Daniel! Do you think it’s what it is??!!!!”. We started screaming and my poor father had not a single clue what the hell we were screaming about. To cut the long story short, we found our wedding video camera 4 years after losing it.

Time has melted the ink on the pages, caused the video camera to be really sticky (humidity, I blame). It was the first (and probably only) time Dan said “just rip the bloody page off!” (he has a huge respect for books!). Despite all the disintegration, discolouration and whatever changes that have happened, the videos were safe!

So much has happened over the past 4 years, so many changes … But when we watched the videos again, it seemed like only yesterday. Obviously we looked younger (and hence I started my once a week face mask regime again – no thanks to the freaking (sorry!) winter). Time can change all material belongings we have, devaluing them but time can only make our love for each other stronger (after a few screams at each other occasionally – fine, usually from me).


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