Weekly Photo Challenge 6: Up


I must admit that this week hasn’t been easy. It’s the first week back at work for Daniel and I have been busy “disinfecting” our apartment since I’m quite sensitive to dust. I had to set time aside to get my German studies back on track by setting myself a strict study plan for the summer however I haven’t been feeling too great either. Ever since we’ve returned to Germany, my throat hasn’t been right and I reckon I’m probably down with a slight cold. I’ve also ran out of iron tablets so that’s probably making me really tired (jetlag doesn’t help).

So as I digress, all the errands and not feeling great meant that I’ve been rushing from point A to B or just lying in bed. It’s such a shame really because the weather has been awesome. I’m not sure if it’s just our apartment or apartments in Germany in general, but it usually feels a lot colder indoors than it actually is outdoors. Anyway, Friday finally arrived and Dan got home at a decent time (yay!). We took a stroll along the river to chill out. It was great.

For the first time this week I sat down in peace to enjoy the warm breeze. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. The pessimistic side of me reminded me that this isn’t going to last and in a few months’ time we’ll be swearing and cursing the cold and gloomy days. But I was quick to discard that thought. We live in the present hence we should enjoy the present, the ‘now’.

That was when I looked up in the sky and saw how beautiful the clouds and the colour of the skies were. I am fortunate to be living today, to witness this beautiful day with Daniel. I took a deep, long breath, dropped my shoulders and relaxed.


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