Weekly Photo Challenge 7: Rainbow


I was on a lookout for rainbows this week. Summer’s finally here and we’re seeing more blue skies these days. But nah, I didn’t see any. And so I thought I could make myself a rainbow instead! Tadaaaahhhh!!! It’s a rainbow lemon cake!

It’s actually a lemon drizzle cake and the recipe can be found on the BBC Good Food website. I really love this recipe and have baked this cake a few times. But this time round I added colourings. Turned out quite ok but I must admit I used the wrong sugar for the icing and have NO idea how to ice a cake. Looks like I’ve got more baking to do to get this right.

It tasted lemony enough for me. I always add two to three times the amount of lemon needed. Most of the cake went to Dan’s colleagues since one of them is leaving. Apparently they wondered if each colour is a different poison! Oh well, hopefully no one’s dead and they’ve enjoyed the cake.


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