Cafe Brücke, Frankfurt

Hello everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the summer thus far (if you’re supposed to be getting one) because we’ve been quite lucky in Frankfurt. Temperatures have been soaring above 30 degrees Celsius and it reminds me so much of Singapore. Ok, the humidity isn’t as bad in Frankfurt so that’s great. I used to love winters until I had to live my life through three winters. I don’t deny that it can be beautiful to witness fresh snow but hey, surely being able to go out without having to layer up is more convenient. I love summers because it’s t-shirt and shorts time!

And since Mr Sunny has been really kind to us lately, we took a walk around Sachsenhausen in Frankfurt and found Cafe Brücke. It received 5 stars on Qype based on 38 reviews so I thought we should check it out. As the weather was awesome on Sunday, the cafe wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be which is a good thing. People were all busy tanning themselves by the river (hope they did apply sunblock! While I understand how excited one can get when the sun’s out, I hope they know it’s really harmful to look like a lobster!) Anyway, I hate going to busy cafes like Starbucks or Coffee Fellows. The former serves decent drinks but I always feel like I must leave as soon as I’m done with my drink because it’s always so packed. I can’t bring myself to sit there for hours with just a cuppa. The latter is alright but their drinks never impress me. For some reason these places are really popular and I find myself having to shout to my friends in order to be heard. Pretty much why I don’t like bars either. Surely a good time out involves being able to communicate with others verbally with ease.

Brücke is different. I fell in love with the cafe the moment I stepped in. I’m not an expert at interior design but I do like places decorated with vintage or rustic pieces.


I even found a corner in the cafe which I reckon I might really like. It’s nothing special really, but I like sitting next to windows (as long as I’m not high up). I picture myself typing away on my laptop, perhaps writing my first novel set in southeast England, sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee with milk served in a ceramic jug. And then Daniel Craig walks in, dressed in his finest black suit with a white shirt unbuttoned at the top underneath (think James Bond) …. WAKE UP!!!! Yes, this is my “nothing special” corner.



Pardon me for getting all dreamy. I’ve lately got back into watching Taiwanese Idol Dramas which have predictable love stories. So, back to Brücke. I love the fact that each table has a little vase of fresh flowers. They just brighten the entire place up and make it cosy.


We were there for 3.5hrs and I didn’t feel like I had to go soon. The staff just let us be whilst we studied German/ read our books. We had 2 drinks each (coke, mint tea without Daniel Craig ever appearing but I had Daniel Campbell next to me, Apfelwein and latte macchiato).

If I wasn’t that full, I would have ordered a slice of cake. We were sat next to a small shelf of old books and board games. Although I said I like vintage and rustic looking stuff, books are an exception. I prefer new copies to old ones (never know if the person holding on to the old book had clean hands or not!). But anyway, we saw an interesting book.

This book pretty much sums up why I don’t like old books. Google it if you want to know what it means (I googled it). If you’re not bothered, then don’t bother.

It was a really nice experience at Brücke and since I love it and want to go back, can you people in Frankfurt NOT bring all your friends there please? Then why did I write this post? Haha… Kidding, go and try it and have fun there too!


According to the weather reports, the weather in Germany will be awesome this week. Hope everyone gets some time to enjoy it! Have fun peeps! xx


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        1. That’s really bad! Please take care. I think my usual allergies would get worse in SG. I basically have an anti-histamine almost on a daily basis. Maybe the rain will clear the haze a little?

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