Schiffer Cafe, Frankfurt

Hmmm…cultural difference has never struck me so hard. I don’t even know how or where to begin. Well, I’ve been monitoring my iron levels the past 6 months or so and I’m glad to find out that it’s getting better so I no longer have to take those metallic tasting pills on a daily basis. It’s apparently really common in young women (quite happy that I’m still considered young) but I thought it might be worth checking with a specialist. And gosh, I’ve never felt so “intimidated”, “vulnerable” and “embarrassed” at a doctor’s. Long story short, I was told to “take off your bottoms” (which is fiiiinnnneeee) but wasn’t given a gown. In my head “what the freak (euphemism)” was on repeat (sorry, but that was how I felt… I don’t mean to swear!). Nudity isn’t something Germans would frown upon (of course they only get nude in certain places like the doctor’s or the sauna), but still!!! After the check up, I just had to go to a good cafe to relax and not think about the whole process. OMG, I’m still shivering at the thought of it.

Anyway, off to Schiffer Cafe I went. Usually I have a homemade sandwich for lunch but I needed something more satisfying, something to cheer me up.


I’ve seen many people at this cafe in the past but never had the chance to visit it. I mean, a cafe is a cafe, how different can it get right? Well, one big difference – the boss was EXTREMELY friendly! He had the biggest smile on his face, and talking about the sauna with his customers (regulars I suppose?). Now, why did I go to this cafe only to hear more about the guy’s sauna experience? This is when I thank God for not understanding German 100%. Ignorance is indeed, BLISS!


It’s a small cafe and it wasn’t too crowded. I quite like the atmosphere in there. This time round it was too warm to sit indoors so I decided stupidly to sit out in the sun.


I’m always a little worried that a smoker might sit close to me when I’m dining outside. I don’t think I even need to apologise to ANY smokers out there but seriously, why should I not be able to enjoy the sunshine just like any of you could because you decide to burn your lungs which coincidentally burns mine too? It would be awesome if people are only allowed to smoke in an enclosed area so non-smokers don’t have to put up with it. There will be jokers who’ll claim that it’s their right to do what they want to their own bodies or smoking in enclosed areas is really bad etc… Nonsense. Smoking is bad for health. Proven fact! When a random stranger lights up a cigarette in front of me on the street, either I run pass them or stop walking so that I don’t inhale those fumes. Apparently there are places in Germany where people still smoke indoors. I went to one once without knowing, came back sulking and angry because I stank like crap! However good the company was, nicotine ruined it. The thought of nicotine trapped in my hair and under my skin (in my lungs) was just AWFUL! So thank goodness no one ruined my cafe trip.

I ordered a hearty chilli con carne. Pretty much what I needed and I loved it. I know it’s an easy dish to make but on some days the girl just wants to be pampered.


Did I feel better after my visit to the cafe? Oh well, just a little.


I managed a smile and life goes on…


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