Mt Fuji is now a World Heritage site!

What do you think of when you’re asked about Japan?

Many associate the land of the rising sun with sushi, sumo wrestling, geisha,salarymen, pornography and Hiroshima.


But of course, many are also aware of Mt Fuji – the highest mountain in Japan which stands at 3,776 metres high and has been for centuries the inspiration of Japanese art. Here’s one of Katsushika Hokusai‘s series of thirty-six views of Mt Fuji.


This is a “noren”, a traditional Japanese fabric divider, I bought from Kyoto last November. It costs only 10 Euros and on hindsight, I wished I bought more. I hung it at the entrance to the living room so outsiders can’t have a peep into it when I open the front door. But deep down inside I just want to have a taste of Japan in Frankfurt.

Did you know that Mt Fuji is an active volcano with its last eruption taking place about 300 years ago? I didn’t know that. According to a Ryukyu University Professor, Mt Fuji may erupt by 2015. With such predictions (and who can really pin point to say when it will erupt exactly) in mind, I hope Japan will be sufficiently prepared to cope with the aftermath.

I’m so glad that Mt Fuji, which exhibits such great beauty and serenity, has finally obtained UNESCO status. It’s sure to be even more popular among adventurous tourists (Japanese and non-Japanese alike).


It’s such a coincidence that I found an old photo of Mt Fuji which I took 8 years ago while I was an exchange student in Tokyo. This picture was taken near Yamanakako. Look at its snow-capped tip. Such a beauty!


Here’s another photo I took while laying on the grass field near our hotel. Despite the freezing cold, I was (and still am) really happy to see one of Japan’s greatest mountains on a clear day.


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