Fighting a Migraine and the Recovery Bake-Off Process

I had possibly one of my worst migraine experiences yesterday. The developer has started to work on the piece of land that lies literally 5 meters from my bedroom. Yesterday they had two guys come round with a machine (whatever it’s called) to level the ground. From morning all I heard was “thump! thump! thump!” for hours. It wasn’t excessively loud  but imagine having to put up with the constant buzzing sound from the machine plus the thumping, that was THE migraine recipe.


I took some ibruprofen before heading out to meet a friend for coffee hoping that it would help, but it didn’t. Throughout the day I felt as though there was a monster in my brain trying to tear my skull apart. To make matters worse, there was an excruciating pain just under my right eye brow. With the sun high in the blue skies, it was probably one of those few times in my life that I wished it was dark and gloomy. My head felt as though it was splitting apart and I thought it might as well just explode so whatever causing the pain could be free to go haunt someone else. I wanted to find a hole in town to bury myself since I couldn’t snuggle under my sheets.

When I got home I took a 20 minutes power nap thinking that would sort myself out, but it didn’t. Dinner ended up slightly undercooked and I had to return the chicken to the stove. It wasn’t going well at all. By 8.30pm I was all curled up in bed moaning in great pain. Despite taking two more Panadol Extra, the pain only got worse. Lights were out by then. I drifted in and out of sleep while Daniel worked on the laptop by the study table in the bedroom. I felt the pain crawling down the sides of my face but there was nothing I could do apart from braving it.

The first time I had a migraine attack was when I was 8. I was hospitalised for a week because it was that bad. And last night I thought “No way am I going to get to A&E here!”. The pain didn’t go till 3.30 in the morning. By then I was feeling exhausted. Migraine drains your energy and sucks the life out of you. I took the opportunity to have a proper sleep before waking up at 7.30am.

The wretched migraine has taken its toil on me today both mentally and physically.  But since it has claimed my yesterday, I am determined to not let today slip away too. And so I baked.

I love baking and cooking – which explains why I’ve set up a new blog! If you’ve yet to check it out, it’s Yoyo’s Kitchen Adventures. Anyway, I wanted to bake some lemon bars but they turned out like this.


The crust was terrible! It was all soft and chewy. Yucks! Although I followed the recipe exactly (from David Lebovitz), my lemon bars were a disaster. I don’t think the fault lies in his recipe since many people have tried with much success and blogged about it. I must have added too much or too little of something without realising.

I then had a brilliant idea. Bake a butter cake! I’ve done that before and thought I can’t go too wrong with that. And so, I halved the recipe since I didn’t want too many sweet stuff lying around. And here’s what we’ve got.


Major, major disaster it was! The recipe called for 45 minutes baking time but even though mine was in the oven for a good 1.5hours, the cake refuses to cook evenly. The bottom of the cake was damp. Not raw, but damp. Second failure of the day.

The lemon bars and butter cake are edible but definitely not a success. I wasn’t paying too much attention when making them. Whenever I bake, Daniel brings the final product in to work to share with his colleagues. But I doubt these lemon bars and butter cake are presentable enough to be treats.

What’s the moral of the story? Never bake when you’re recovering from a migraine. That’s my lesson anyway.

Not only have I got not so nice desserts in my fridge now, I also had to do these washing up twice.


It’s almost dinner time and I so see myself ruining it too. I really do wish for more luck but I think Daniel might need it more than me since he’ll probably have to eat whatever’s on his plate. Oh well, we’ll break the healthy eating rule for once. The frozen chicken nuggets are going in the oven.


4 thoughts on “Fighting a Migraine and the Recovery Bake-Off Process

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    1. Thanks, Michelle. I’m better now 🙂 Usually ibuprofen or paracetamol works but on days like yesterday, I’ll just have to wait for it to go away on its own which can be dreadful. I’ll have to avoid any light sources, screens and noise.

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