Solber Fässeje Haxenhaus, Frankfurt

After more than a year in Frankfurt, I finally gathered some guts to order my first Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle). I swear it was my 3.5-inch heels which i wore that day that gave me the confidence to challenge myself (I gave up heels when we moved to Oxford – they have cobbled streets! So I do get very excited when I get the chance to wear them).

So, what’s the big deal with schweinshaxe, right? Well, if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know by know how put off I get when I see huge slabs of meat on my plate. I love to eat meat (and don’t even have a problem with horse meat if it’s basashi from Japan) but I like to eat like a lady (very pretentious…I know).

Schweinshaxe is a very traditional and typical German dish. It is usually roasted and served with potato dumplings and sauerkraut. Now, let me explain why I thought I was brave. I’ve never had potato dumplings in my life and not many foreigners say good things about sauerkraut. But since I’m really trying to experience Germany I thought I should be more adventurous and eat the way the Germans do!

We went to Solber Fässeje Haxenhaus which is conveniently located in Konstablewache. It wasn’t a huge place but I liked it for what it is. Small and cosy. Apparently the guy working there has his moods and fortunately he was chirpy that night. Phewww…


This place is a meat lover’s heaven. It’s where you go to for a good protein refuelling. The guys just love it. They had many different Schweinshaxe to choose from (roasted differently I suppose and one was boiled!). If you’re not familiar with German cuisine, fear not. There’s a picture for each dish on the menu with English translations.

I was overwhelmed with guilt just by looking at the meaty menu. My friend told me how stuffed he was from eating an entire Schweinshaxe and that really didn’t help. However they did a Small Schweinshaxe on the menu and of course I chose that! Perfect!


The guy working there made it a point that I had ordered a kid’s size meal. Well, he was kidding. Surely no kid (not even German kids) would finish that!

It was smaller than a regular Schweinshaxe but it definitely wasn’t baby size for me. I was expecting the meat to be really soft and tender (like how it would be if you cook stew) but it was a little tough. I don’t suppose the meat was supposed to come off its bone easily? But still, it was delicious…especially with the gravy.

The potato dumplings were a little strange for me. I didn’t know that they had a chewy texture. It felt like they were “potato implants” …like “breasts implants”. The guys liked the potato dumplings though (hahaha…).

What really caught me by surprise was how AWESOME the sauerkraut was! I’ve tried it at different places and never fancied it but this time, this place has done it right! It was so sour in a way that I loved it. I finished it all by myself!

It must be strange that the sauerkraut was my favourite part of the Schweinshaxe. I’ll have to check out more Schweinshaxe places to find one that serves soft, tender meat.

Going to a German restaurant always makes me want to learn German cooking. Hmm… I’ll have to look through my German cookbook and find a good one. If I’m successful I’ll definitely share it with you guys on Yoyo’s Kitchen Adventures!

Time to get some beauty sleep now. Night night everyone!



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