Almost 30 and freaking out?

It was another hot and humid day packed with lectures and tutorials. I was glad to finally be home for a cold shower. But before I ran cold water down my head, I had to practise my smile in the mirror (don’t we all do that?). As I was trying to find the best angle to make my chubby face look as slim as possible in photos without resorting to plastic surgery or photoshop, I made a huge and frightening discovery. A 5cm long wrinkle under my right eye!!! Ok, I do exaggerate at times. It was probably 3mm.

I screamed and cried. Yes, I cried over the tiniest wrinkle under my eye. I had the quickest shower ever, ran out of the bathroom into the arms of my mother who obviously had gotten used to my over dramatic behaviour. I remember saying “Mummy, I’ve got wrinkles already! I’m old already! I’m only 20 but I’ve got lines under my eyes already!”.

If you were me I bet you wished your mum would say “No, you’re beautiful”. Mine said I was “crazy” and carried on watching TV. You can’t blame her. I was over-reacting. I ransacked her cosmetic pouch to find some anti-wrinkle eye cream (as if they work).

Almost a decade has passed and I’m approaching the BIG 3-0. Recently I came across an interesting article “30 signs you’re almost 30“. I don’t feel sad approaching 30 neither am I reluctant to tell others my age. I think I’ve done quite a decent job ensuring that I look acceptable. I don’t drink or smoke and I try to exercise regularly (try to!).

I’ve got to admit that the article does contain a certain amount of truth. It’s 11pm now as I type this on a Friday night. I’m not out wasting myself at a pub. I’m actually blogging! Daniel’s learning some Japanese and watching EVO (don’t worry if you don’t know that it’s a video game tournament…we don’t need to know that!)

My Facebook page is constantly filled with feeds of friends with their cutesy babies (and I’m so happy for them because they are all wonderful mummies and daddies).

I’ve been to bars in Frankfurt that I swear never to go again because they smoke indoors and that’s VERY bad for my hair, skin, lungs etc. Just BAD! It leaves me in a foul mood (no pun intended).

Goodbye pointy heels that I used to wear. I tend to pick ballet flats or loafers now for comfort. I’m afraid I might suffer a hip fracture should I fall.

Given the horrible savings interest rates banks have, we were very pleased to find an ISA paying 2.15%. So happening, right?

Now that Mr Sunshine’s out in Frankfurt, I look at these Germans tanning themselves and think “You guys are nuts! I hope you have SPF150 on you!”. I never applied sunscreen 10 years ago. I applied TANNING OIL. That thing is EVIL!

Plenty of life changing events taking place to people around me and I realised they’re moving on to another phase. As for me, I’m making little changes to be a better person, to be smarter and be happier. That’s the philosophical me speaking.

Approaching 30 doesn’t mean the Yoyo 9 years ago who screamed at a 3mm fine line under her eye is dead. She’s very much alive. Here’s the evidence!


I don’t know if it works even though people rave about it. But until I learn to be comfortable in my own skin which will age at an accelerated speed thanks to all the inconsiderate strangers who blow smoke into my face the moment they get off the trains/ buses, I’m counting on this.

I’ve slapped some on my face and it’s time for the repair to start.

Goodnight everyone!



4 thoughts on “Almost 30 and freaking out?

  1. I´m approaching 40, and I examine my skin damn near daily. Retin-A Retin-A Retin-A. And don´t bother with the OTC kind. Go to the doctor. Pay an exorbinant amount for a cream proven to work. But be careful with it in the Summer.

    1. It took me a while to get used to the seasonal changes. In SG, it’s tropical the whole year so I could stick to just using the same product for the entire year. But now that I live in Germany I find myself having to switch products every 3-6 months depending on the weather. I swear by sunblock in summer! 🙂

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