My GP Experience

For a week the wretched migraine stayed with me. The tension in my head wouldn’t go away and there was a sharp pain behind my right eye. None of the over the counter medication helped and so I decided it was time to see a GP.


Here’s an interesting conversation I had with my new GP.

Conversation 1
Dr: So, why are you in Frankfurt?
Me: I live here with my husband.
Dr: Do you work or do you spend money?
Me: I do both. Unfortunately I can’t just spend my husband’s money.

Conversation 2
Dr: You have very cold hands. You can work here as an air con in my clinic.
Me: How much are you paying me?

Conversation 3
Dr: This tablet is very good AND expensive. Take one and you should be fine.
Me: And if I don’t feel any better?
Dr: Then you’ll need to see another doctor.

(I had to visit 4 pharmacies before finding one that had those pills!)

Conversation 4
Dr: Do you play sports?
Me: Sometimes…
Dr: I cycle 60km everyday when the clinic is closed in the afternoons. I cycle further on weekends and on Mondays I play ice hockey. I’m very fit!
Me: Oh yes, you look fit!

Conversation 5
Dr: I’ll take some blood to test for any allergies. And if I can’t find anything I’ll send some samples to my girlfriend who is a dermatologist.
Me: Oh? Your girlfriend is a dermatologist!
Dr: Yes, she’s just like you, refined and married, unfortunately.
Me: Aww… She doesn’t know any better, does she?

The medication did ease the tension I had in my head and that’s why I can actually type these sentences. Hopefully they’re gone for good!

Night night everyone!


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