VIPHO Vietnamese Restaurant in Frankfurt

A couple of years ago I went to Vietnam. I was a little nervous about the trip because I wasn’t a fan of Vietnamese food. For some reason I thought they ate only raw bean sprouts, dog meat, flowers and drank snake blood vodka (watch Top Gear to find out more). I’m not one to tell my hosts that I won’t eat a particular food because I don’t want to be rude so you can imagine how nervous I was about dinner after work. I even didn’t even know the country has winter and I turned up for work in a sleeveless black top, cream trousers and heels! Those guys must have thought I was insane.

My Vietnamese colleague, who was very hospitable, brought me to a seafood restaurant. Phew… I was relieved. I love seafood. One of the dishes had flowers in them and I thought “Geez! Please don’t make me chew them!”. He didn’t. Actually, the food was very fresh and tasty and that was when I concluded that I should give Vietnamese food a try!

So here I am in Frankfurt paying a lot for Vietnamese food. But it’s really worth it given that I’ve no idea how to cook most of their stuff at home YET. I was recommended Vipho which is near Eschenheimer Tor.

vietnamese cuisine in frankfurt, Pho

I ordered Pho Chay which is a vegetarian soup noodles dish. The base is quite strong so if you prefer something subtle, I would recommend trying the Pho Ga instead.

Here’s the Pho Chay. Look at how generous they are with the ingredients! And lots of my favourite mushrooms!

Vegetarian vietnamese Pho

And here’s the Pho Ga (sort of… My friend basically created her own dish by ordering a combination of 3 dishes)

Vietnamese Pho with Roast Pork

I’ve learnt to like the fresh mint and bean sprouts in Vietnamese cuisine. They’re really refreshing especially on a hot summer day.

Daniel ordered the Bun with stir fried rib eye slices. It comes with sweet sauce on the side which you add to the noodles just like salad dressing.

Vietnamese Bun with rib eye slices

I would recommend only mixing a spoonful of the sauce to the noodles to begin with as it does get a little too strong for our liking if you were to add more to the noodles.

The service at Vipho is awesome. They’re ever so flexible and accommodating and it makes me feel like I’m taking advantage of them. Well, the side dishes (like the roast pork) comes only with the dry noodles. But as they’re terrific, I ordered it in addition to my Pho Chay! On the first occasion they added the roast pork in my soup which was fine and on my second visit they served it separately. I’m not fussed about it but if you prefer your roast pork to be VERY crispy, make sure you tell them to serve it separately. They are more than happy to be accommodating. Excellent service is hard to come by in Frankfurt!

Delicious roast pork

And for coffee lovers, you MUST try the Ca Phe Sua Da – Vietnamese milk coffee. I always love a strong coffee freshly brewed. There is nothing more nonsensical than 3-in-1 instant coffee!

Strong vietnamese coffee with milk

I keep telling myself not to be too impulsive because I keep wanting to go back to Vipho to try out more stuff. Friendly service, great food and excellent company – what more can I ask for? The bill?


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