After a day so bright, humid and hot, it was comforting to be in a fully air-conditioned train looking out of the window to watch the German countryside roll by. There is something mesmerising about sunsets and how they are so capable of soothing our busy minds. I always feel really calm and at peace when the copper rays fill the skies.

sunset, german countryside

The Germans always say that their country is small. It shocks me because when I look at google map, Germany looks massive to me. It looks huge compared to the little city state where I come from – Singapore. Such a view is rare to find in Singapore, if not impossible – the vast amount of green farm lands where farmers grow their own produce. I’ve always dreamt of living on a farm. Since I was a kid I pretended to be a farmer when role playing with my cousins. We imagined ourselves pulling carrots out from the ground and harvesting the various crops. Even though we were children, we knew farming was hard work. Don’t be surprised by our creativity (or cynicism) because we imagined the worst storms that would ruin all crops and livestock and there were the occasional deaths in our plays too. Please don’t worry. We all turned out fine.

As an adult I continued to pursue my farming dreams. I went to Perth, Australia, with my aunt and milked a cow. I was probably the most enthusiastic adult there who wanted to fight with the kids over milking a cow. When we had our church blessing in England, I wanted to hold the celebration at a barn and yes, we did.

It might have been a happy, sad, tiring or just another mundane day, but sunsets never fail to lift my spirit. Here’s to many more sunsets to come!


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