Cafe Flo, Mannheim

It was probably the hottest day of the year – 37 degrees Celsius! We went on a day trip to Mannheim which is an hour away from Frankfurt by the regional trains and 30 minutes by the ICE. Our friend invited us to join her as she had a pre-wedding celebration to attend in the evening and wanted to sightsee a little in the afternoon.

As it was too blistering hot, we were struggling to get around. We walked to the Watertower and soaked our feet in the fountain.


We were so envious of the children playing in the fountain. They came prepared in their colourful swimsuits, chasing each other. We were so tempted to walk into H&M to get ourselves some cheap swimsuits just so we can get wet too. But we didn’t.


It was a really beautiful fountain. Unfortunately we don’t really have something of this scale in Frankfurt.

Here’s a video I took on Instagram of the fountain and its surroundings. I’m sorry that it’s so shaky but it’s my first Instagram video. I promise to get better at it. 🙂

After soaking our feet, a wasp decided it was the right time to sting our friend. Poor her! She was talking to me and suddenly started screaming. I wished I had a photo of how she whacked the wasp to its untimely death. I’ve never seen her so violent before! She explained that if she didn’t kill the wasp it might be agitated and sting everyone else. Do you buy that?

I’m sure there are plenty of other monuments to visit in Mannheim but we were literally melting under the sun. It was ridiculous how the heat sucked the energy out of us. We couldn’t even be bothered to walk around to check out the different cafes and instead ended up at Cafe Flo which was across the road. The prices on the menu were above average to be honest and all we wanted was a nice cold coffee.

FrappéThat was a wicked glass of Coffee Frappé. It did cost us 4,60 Euros which really was a little pricy but we felt that it was definitely worth it. I never used to like coffee until we had our own coffee machine in Oxford. We experimented with different beans and would grind our own coffee. Since then, I’ve always turned down instant coffee. If you’re in Mannheim and are desperate for a good cup of cold coffee, pop down to Cafe Flo.


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