Mainfest Frankfurt

Originally a festival for fishermen and boatmen, this annual festival is now celebrated along the River Main in Frankfurt by many from all walks of life. The fairground reminded me of the German Christmas Markets without the chilly winter winds from the north and santa decorations. Last night we went to watch the fireworks along the river which lasted 20 minutes.

Here are two videos of the finale that I took which I thought was pretty amazing given that it was not exactly a huge fair to begin with.

Do you see the smiley face?

Smiley Firework

What about the loop-sided and upside down heart?

heart firework

That’s like a billion stars exploding in the sky!

And I love how they look like rain drops as the fireworks disappear.


On a side note, I’m really looking forward to the fireworks display on Singapore’s upcoming National Day on 9th August!


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