Crochet a Rainbow Scarf

Any one of you crochets out there?

Last week I decided that I wanted to learn to crochet. What’s better than throwing myself into the deep end of the ocean and try to figure out how to crochet? So, I went to the department store and got myself some fairly cheap yarn to try crocheting a scarf.

Winters are usually dark and gloomy in Germany so I thought I should pick a cheerful colour. I ended up with a rainbow-like yarn. Very me, indeed!

It did take me a while to get used to holding the hook and controlling the tension of the yarn. My fingers were hurting to begin with. But after a couple of days of practise, I got more comfortable and quick.

So, here’s my first crochet project done! A rainbow scarf perfect for early autumn and spring!




This October we’ll be back in England to visit my sister-in-law because she’s having a baby. We’re really excited to welcome the little one. I’m also really excited because she said she’s going to teach me how to crochet pillows! Can’t wait now and let me tell you, she’s so bloody good (if I may swear) at crocheting!


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