Veritas Bar, Frankfurt

Conveniently located on Schweizer Straße, Veritas serves a good selection of tapas, salads, traditional German cuisine, flammkuchen and pasta. We chanced upon this place last winter and I tried the schnitzel which was very tender and tasty. Now that I’ve been back there for more than a couple of times, I reckon it’s safe for me to give it thumbs up.

They have a peaceful outdoor area to dine in but I’d only sit there if there weren’t any smokers. While I understand that smokers are allowed to destroy their lungs willingly outdoors, I’m hesitant to ruin my skin, lungs and tasty food sitting next to them while they puff indiscriminately in all directions. Having said that, I’ve met a few considerate ones who will try their best to not blow smoke in my face which is very much appreciated. I’m happy to sit in the bar which isn’t that spacious but very well designed.


They do a wicked Frankfurter green sauce schnitzel which is made with seven herbs (and other ingredients). It’s served cold and goes very well with schnitzel, hard boiled eggs and pan fried potatoes. I’m not a big potato fan but when there’s a good serving of green sauce, I find it hard to resist. And if you’re anything like us, you would dip crusty white bread in it too!


The schnitzel was very tender and unlike some places, you don’t see bits of oil left on your place after eating. It’s also a good size for one person. We’ve been to places that serve a ridiculously massive slab of meat on our plates and that did make me sick at the end. Sometimes less is more.

I’m trying to eat less carbs (pasta, white bread and rice) lately so I ordered a salad. An one hour intensive spinning class before lunch didn’t do enough justification for why I would deserve a schnitzel too. I was glad to find a roasted chicken breast pasta served with sweet and sour sauce. Just writing this makes me hungry. The vegetables were fresh (don’t you find it disgusting when restaurants serve brownish rotting vegetables?) and the portion of chicken was just right to satisfy someone greedy on a diet.


Veritas is definitely worth trying out. Schweizer Straße is a lovely area anyway to visit or meet up with friends. Come to think of it, we stopped heading to town on a Saturday unless necessary because it’s just a nightmare having to deal with the crowd.


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